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Saddle Nose Deformity: How Cosmetic Surgery May Be of Help

Boxing and mixed martial arts are just some of the sports activities that require athletes to utilize extensive amount of force. By exchanging heavy blows, these fighters would commonly cause each other damage to the face, typically in the nose.

According to studies, there are over 10 different kinds of noses. Broken noses caused by a sports injury look flat or have a broken nose bridge. This shape of nose is similar to people who has a saddle nose deformity or boxer’s nose. This type of irregularity, however, is not caused by contact sports or any activity wherein a nose gets hit.

Common Causes of Deformation

Woman's noseHaving a saddle nose is caused by a loss of nasal cartilage support that includes the septum, upper lateral cartilages, and lower lateral cartilages. The nose bridge has an externally visible concavity and loss of height, making the nose have a shape similar to a saddle.

Cartilage collapse usually occurs when blood clots caused by nasal trauma that forms below septal hematoma is left untreated. The clot disrupts the normal blood supply to the cartilage, causing it to breakdown because of the lack of support.

One medical problem that can instigate saddle nose deformity is Wegener’s granulomatosis, which is a disease that affects the upper respiratory tract. Another cause is the use of intra-nasal cocaine. Syphilis and leprosy are also considered causes.

Saddle Nose Rhinoplasty Procedure

A Los Angeles surgeon performing rhinoplasty takes a portion of the patient’s ear cartilage from the conchal bowl, which is the cupped part located just behind the opening of the ear canal. This process does not mess up the ear’s appearance. The conchal ear cartilage is long enough to fit the bridge. It is then placed in different areas and squeezed together by junctions. After placement, a couple of carvings are necessary for a customized shape.

People differ in reasons for wanting a better appearance. Going through cosmetic surgeries is not necessarily immoral. Some people need these procedures to improve their facial flaws and gain confidence in facing the public, adding to their sense of well-being.

July 30, 2014 at 5:33 amHead of Health

Estrogen Dominance: When Hormones Become Harmful

understanding estrogen dominance









Hormones are responsible for the changes in the body. The right balance keeps you healthy. Having too much or too less may lead to problems in your system. For instance, the lack of progesterone—a primary sex hormone—in women leads to estrogen dominance. When neglected, it could become a threat.

What Happens When You Lack Progesterone?

Hormone supplement suppliers like greengoldnutrition.com note that imbalance in both estrogen and progesterone levels usually take place during puberty, pregnancy, and menopause. These could cause significant changes to the body or, in some cases, lead to life-threatening diseases.

You’ll gain weight around the hips, thighs, and lower abdomen. Regardless of the intensity of your workout, you might find it difficult to lose weight. It’s also possible to suffer from breast, endometrial, or uterine cancer.

What Are the Causes of Estrogen Dominance?

High levels of estrogen are due to toxic chemicals that are in home-cleaning materials, pesticides and herbicides, and water bottles. Even though you don’t consume them, having contact is enough to build up toxins in your body.

The food you eat can also be the cause. Even if it’s illegal to give growth hormones to farm animals, some still feed them with antibiotics. The pork, beef, and dairy you’re eating might have antibiotic residue stored in their fat. Drinking too much alcohol and coffee also puts you at risk.

What Should You Do to Balance Your Hormones?

Exercising at least thrice a week, sleeping for more than eight hours a day, drinking eight to twelve glasses of water, and eating leafy vegetables are some natural ways to remove extra estrogen from the body. Applying creams and taking supplements high in progesterone are also ideal, as these go directly to the bloodstream.

Don’t ignore the dangers of hormonal imbalance to your health. If you want to stay healthy, avoid the causes of estrogen dominance and take the necessary precautions.

July 29, 2014 at 1:42 amHead of Health

5 Things Users Hate Seeing on Websites

websiteIs your website annoying? You might be getting tons of traffic, but it’s pointless if most of your visitors leave your site within seconds. A poor user experience causes high page abandonment and very low conversion rates, and these five website traits will drive visitors crazy.

1. “Sorry, the website is currently unavailable” – A website that is down often and for prolonged periods will lose the majority of its regular visitors and drive away new ones. Avoid missing out on potential sales; use a reliable web hosting service, and make sure you’re prepared for any high traffic events to prevent crashes.

2. Pop-ups – Placing your call-to-action in a pop-up is an excellent way to get it ignored while irritating users. When a person encounters a pop up, 9 out of 10 times they will simply look for the [x] button without even reading the text.

3. Auto-playing videos or sound – It didn’t work for MySpace, and it certainly won’t work for your website either. There are few things more annoying than a website with videos that play automatically, especially if the user opens multiple tabs. It’s the equivalent of walking into a store and getting harassed by a pushy salesman before you even have a chance to look around.

4. Walls of text – Blocks of uninterrupted and unformatted text are an eyesore, and will turn off even the most dedicated readers. Most visitors will simply ignore your text if it doesn’t have an eye catching headline or images. Keep your writing concise. If you have to explain a lot, then use things like photos, subheadings, and bullet points to make it easier to skim.

5. Contact forms – While this isn’t as severe of an issue as the others on this list, a website that uses a contact form in lieu of actual information, such as phone numbers and an email address risks appearing impersonal and distant. People hate forms, and many instinctively think that filling out a contact form has a much lower chance of reply compared to a normal email.

If you really need to have a contact form, then do it right. Make it mobile friendly, have as few fields as possible, and give it some personality. Above all, make sure to answer the messages promptly.

July 28, 2014 at 6:29 amiTech Services