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Boston Marks Bombing Anniversary With Solemn Tributes

Image by Aaron Tang | Wikimedia

Image by Aaron Tang | Wikimedia

Many people have gathered to remember the victims of the Boston bombing at last year’s marathon.

Honoring victims with a moment of silence

The city’s leader said survivors have “pure courage” during the wake of tragedy.

“I know that no memorial, no words, no acts can fully provide the solace that your hearts and soul still yearn to acquire,” said US Vice President Joe Biden at the memorial program. “I hope it eases your grief a little bit.”

Apart from honoring the victims, Boston also praised the personality and strength of the survivors.

Boston strong

Participants in the ceremony included survivors, first responders, and family members of those who were killed.

The program began with a wreath-laying ceremony at the explosion site.

“This day will always be hard, but this place will always be strong,” said former Mayor Thomas Menino in a statement. “Even though the memory still brings tears to our eyes and our heart aches for those we have lost, it’s a comfort to be here with family and friends who got us through that tragic day.”



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Why You Shouldn’t Exceed Your Limit: The Consequences of Overworking

stressed womanSometimes, you just have to exert some extra effort and spend a few more hours in the office to finish a major project. While this is perfectly acceptable for many, regular doses of overworking can pose serious health risks for you. When you are too tired, you open yourself to possibilities of severe diseases.

Improper diet

The primary health-related concern that could bite you from behind is your heightened reliance on caffeine and junk food just to keep your senses awake. When it is 2 AM and you are only halfway through a report, chances are you would grab a cup of coffee or look for some sweets to keep you going. Once this becomes a habit, not only is it hard to break, it is also very detrimental to your health, as you increase the risk of diabetes and heart diseases.

When you suspect some initial symptoms of severe ailments, go to your trusted private hospital in Kent and have a checkup as a preventive measure.

Bad mood

Your mental fortitude weakens when you are way too stressed. Apart from impaired cognitive functions, you also suffer from a bad mood all day long. Without proper rest, you become anxious, grumpy, and depressed. Chances are you would yell at your staff for the tiniest of errors; or worse, you might make a deal-breaking error on the presentation you are delivering later.

Poor resistance

Ultimately, what truly exposes your vulnerabilities is the weakened immune system due to fatigue. Your unhealthy routine forces your body to dedicate more resources to strenuous tasks just to keep you up and running throughout that meeting. It would be harder to deal with the simplest of ailments on a stressed condition.

Everyone understands that the pace of work today is faster than ever, but this is not a go signal for you to ignore your well-being. It is important to know how to deal with the intense pressure and stress from your work while making sure you are still fit and healthy for all the challenges that lie ahead.



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Money Questions You Should Be Asking Yourself

consolidation loansWhen it comes to managing your own money, there are a lot of helpful (and sometimes unsolicited) advice that are really good. Most of the time, however, these are all easier said than done.

You probably heard multiple times by now that you should spend less on frivolous things and more on more meaningful, long-term investments, but how exactly do you start? Self-awareness is the key to understanding your money habits. With that, here are a few money questions you should ask yourself:

Do you know where your money goes?

“Who cares?” shouldn’t be an answer when it comes to money-related questions. It is your money; you should care. Say you’re neck deep in debt, you can only depend on yourself to get you out of that hole.

If you have a hard time trying to keep up on payments for credit cards, store cards, loans, and other expenses, look for the best consolidated loans to pay all your debit and get your numbers in order. Your goal here is to track all your resources to determine what takes up most of your money and what you can forego.

Are you active enough in monitoring your spending?

You probably already know the formula to saving money, but actually doing it is a whole other story. Setting aside money from your income for savings is easy on paper, but committing to it takes a whole lot of effort. When it comes to getting your finances in order, knowing what to do is only half the story.

Be proactive. If you need to set aside money from your regular salary, set up another savings account. If you know the formula to saving money, use it. If you need to pay off your debts and combine all your payments, find a good consolidation loan. Don’t just wait around. Do something.

Are you consistent in protecting your money?

Many people start tracking their expenses only to give up a few weeks after because it was such a chore for them. Avoid this by getting all the help you can. Use a mobile app, a spreadsheet, or a simple pen and paper to monitor your financials. Make a habit of your money tracking and everything else will be easy.

Planning and doing are the keys to success. Manage your money now and you’ll be well on your way to financial freedom.



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