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Small Things You Can Do Now to Boost Your Home Value

home valueHome value is the metric that matters the most when selling a property. It can make or break your bid of getting at least your asking price. When you say home improvement, however, the cost is inevitably the first thing that would pop in your mind. A simple makeover could reach hundreds of pounds. As now is the best time to sell your property, the pressure is on you to make a move and give your property value a little boost.

Fortunately, you do not have to break the bank to improve the look and feel of your home. You can still wow potential buyers without giving your kitchen or bathroom a major facelift. All you need is to pay attention to the most noticeable aspects of your property, including these as shared by House Tree estate agents.

Painting Your Walls Neutral

No home improvement job is simpler than painting. It can magically turn your drab interior and exterior to look elegant. When it comes to choosing the colour, you cannot go wrong with neutral hues. Ivory, taupe, grey, beige and white are stylishly appealing almost to everybody.

Not only that it is one of the easiest ways to make your property look more desirable, it is not rocket science as well. A handful of DIY tips would suffice to help you acquire the skills you need to do a decent job. Buying a few gallons and tools, such as rollers, brushes, painter’s tape and drop clothes, should cost you relatively less than hiring a pro.

Sprucing Up the Landscape

Unkempt bushes and tangled plants can obscure the view of your home’s façade. An untidy lawn makes bad first impressions, thus putting off potential buyers. As cleanliness always counts, giving your landscape the attention it deserves is paramount. If you have the equipment, you can do the yard work on your own to save money.

Creating Spaces

There is an art to making your home look bigger than it really is. Letting the sun in, clearing the clutter and creating a fluid layout through sound furniture arrangement are some of the tricks to make your interiors feel roomy.

Home improvement should never be costly. Accomplish these small things before you put your house on the market, you are on your way to selling it for a favourable price in no time.

October 24, 2014 at 3:19 amBrain Serve

Keeping the Family Ties: Making Your Granny Flat Great for Senior Living

The number of homeowners with granny flats in Western Australia is on the rise because of recent changes in property rental law. Many are now putting up their flats for rent so they can earn passive income. There are still some, however, who use the flats for its original purpose—to live closer to their aging parents. The granny flat is a great setup for this exact purpose.

There are a few things to remember, though, if you want to have a granny flat in your backyard for the elderly members of your family. Take a look at the following to ensure the granny flat is suited for senior living:

granny flatConsider the Safety Hazards

The safety of elderly parents should always be a priority. Most elderly people no longer have the strength to lift or move heavy objects by themselves. It is important that you eliminate things that require these actions to minimise accidents and injuries. Fortunately, ClassicGrannyFlats.com.au says custom-built granny flats often come with high safety standards, perfect for elderly residents with limited mobility.

Extend the Security Measures

Granny flats are commonly located in the backyard or beside the main house. This does not mean, however, that you should forego security measures. In fact, you should even double the security of the flat. Set up an alarm system and make sure the windows and doors are locked. You may also ask the elderly residents if it is fine with them to have CCTV cameras installed for security purposes.

Let Them Enjoy Their Free Time

Living in a granny flat is a great experience. You can make it even better by encouraging them to start a hobby, say baking or knitting. This will help them have a sense of independence and control, and feel better about themselves.

Having a granny flat for elderly family members to stay in is a great way to keep the family ties strong. By making it better suited for their unique living requirements, you can rest assured they will be comfortable all day, every day.

October 22, 2014 at 12:39 amBrain Serve

Outdoor Snapshots: Equipment that Every Adventurer Should Have

outdoor snapshotHave you been planning to go on a long vacation this weekend to run from your stressful duties at work? Are you planning for your next big trip, but aren’t sure what to pack in your luggage?

Clothes, shoes and a bag may already be in your list, but there are more important things you need. To make life easier when you travel, bring the following accessories with you:


You may not stay in the place forever, but at least you can always look back at the good time you had by browsing to the photos you’ve taken. Make sure to bring your camera with you. DSLRPros notes that dual single lens reflex camera (DSLR) and GoPro cameras are helpful because these provide high quality photos. If you don’t have one, it might be time to invest in a camera. It would not hurt to pay for something you can use for a lifetime.

Pocket Wi-Fi

Instead of relying on the hotel’s Internet connection, bring a pocket Wi-Fi. Though almost everything is a testament to technological advancement, not everyone has already adapted to it. So if you are into social media, this would be convenient. You can simply put it in your bag and have an Internet connection wherever you go.


Keep your smartphone with you anywhere you are. This is your tool in case of emergency. You can use it to contact your friends when you are lost or find direction to your destination. As you have a Wi-Fi connection, you can use it to update your social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. No need to bring your laptop.


If you simply want to shut the world off while enjoying the beautiful places, do not forget to grab your headphone. Be sure to add road trip songs in your playlist.

Like what they say, you should always make the most of what you do. So, bring these pieces of equipment with you and you’ll appreciate travelling better.

October 21, 2014 at 2:24 amProduct Review