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Can You File a Civil Case Ahead of a Criminal or Administrative One?

Negligence is the lack of proper precautions and diligence that responsible people should demonstrate. It is a common feature of cases involving machinery mishaps and problems resulting from medical procedures.

A tort is a claim based on accident, negligence or even strict liability. It aims to compensate any resulting injury from an incident. The claim may be based on an accident, which is a liability for an act that due to lack of foresight was not prevented.

injury compensation lawyersWhen we speak of strict liability, this pertains to the assumption of risk taken by the person in authority who exposes his employees or other persons to danger. Even in the absence of negligence, injury compensation lawyers say that strict liability may still be a source of tort.

Proceeding Independently

The civil case for damages may be reserved, initiated right away or be included along with the main case. The last option is the traditional method for criminal and administrative cases. Once you file a criminal case, there is an option to lodge the civil case in the complaint. Unless such action is reserved, it will be held simultaneously.

Filing the Civil Case Ahead

If the evidence is weak for the main case, your chances of winning the civil case would be better if you file it separately. This is because the evidence required for civil cases or claims for damages are relatively less stringent than for criminal ones.

This means that if the criminal case is based on an intentional act, but there is no clear evidence to support that claim, a civil case may still be won based on the resulting accident. This is why filing a civil case instead of a criminal one may be more beneficial for others.

Remember that for the best outcome, it is best to consult with experienced lawyers. With the right legal advice, you will know the best way to proceed with your claim.

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Things to Cross off Your Checklist before Selling that Commercial Property

So you’ve finally decided to sell your commercial property. The ad has been posted, the agent has been contacted and you’ve chosen a new location for your business. If you and your staff have finally started packing, remember these things to make sure that you maximise the value of your soon-to-be former property.

Clean Up

Whatever you’re planning to sell, make sure the place is spotless and free of anything that can turn away a potential bucommercial propertyyer. There are very few people who will buy a messy place no matter the price.

As a property owner, the last thing you want to do is leave a mess for your buyer to discover. Bird and wasp nests, water stains and even old and dying plants must go. Your staff may have put up with them, but buyers should not have to. Hire a cleaning company if you must to raise the property’s value.

Repair and Remodel

A step up from cleaning the place is, of course, repairing and remodelling what is outdated or simply not working. This includes getting rid of leaks, fixing drainages, repairing rooms and repurposing spaces for something more appealing.

Replace broken doorknobs and locks. Repaint the walls if necessary. It might help if you hire a company offering commercial property management. Brisbane investment experts say property managers can handle promotion and other tasks.

Plan the House Tour

As the former owner of the property, you are expected to know the ins and outs, plus the top selling points. While you may have a real estate consultant and even a professional auctioneer to assist you, they will only be there to make the sale more seamless.

It’s still your responsibility to let your audience feel at home. Do not force them to come to a decision immediately while they are checking the house. Use scent marketing to keep them comfortable and stay long enough to imagine themselves buying the property.

There you have it, three important steps to do once you’ve decided to sell your property. Always check the reputation of the property management company you’re asking help from. Their expertise, along with your preparation, should give you a good deal.

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Never Attempt to Bang Your Head Newer Glass Your Head may Break, not the Glass

It’s easy to lose yourself in a pool party, no doubt. With booze and a couple of super gung-ho friends, you’d be horsing around in no time. Still, if you’re too drunk that you would bang your head that glass perimeter around the pool, hold that thought. Reinforced glass is strong enough to stand a rock thrown its way. Certainly, you don’t want to make a fool of yourself ending with blood all over your head.

Don’t belittle glass. Though we have seen many times how the glass of water would break in a moment’s notice if dropped to the floor or our car’s window shields broken by a baseball thrown its way, glass can be super-strong. Scientists have even created glass even stronger than steel.

The Practicality of BeautyGlass Fence in Australia

Take that glass pool fencing. Due to the rise of swimming pool incidents that has invariably involved toddlers, pool fencing has become a necessity in many parts of the world, Australia including.

Using glass panels give you a completely unobstructed view of what’s going on in that pool. This means you could be on the other side of the fence sipping coffee and still monitor your children playing on the water, Clear az Glass explains.

Because of its inherent beauty, frameless glass fencing has caught on in many homes in major cities of the Land Down Under, including Perth. After all, the fourth most populous city in Australia is no stranger to swimming pool accidents.

Approaching the Indestructible

Now, regarding that head butt to the pool, let’s do a reality check. Glass pool fences hitherto used tempered glass, known to be four to five times stronger than ordinary glass. A hundred-kilogram weight applied to such glass is no problem for tempered glass.

For thieves or people who just want to break glass, your days are numbered. The Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory has created shatterproof glass, even stronger than steel. Imagine banging your head on a material even tougher than steel – you’re more than welcome to try.

Gone are the days when glass is even more fragile than an eggshell. These days, you would first break your head like an egg when you try to hit it!

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