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The Value of a College Degree in the 21st Century

College GraduatesAccording to a recent poll conducted by a recognised data firm, a majority of college graduates are saying that their education is not worth its expensive cost. Apart from this, several multiyear surveys also report that a significant number of recent college graduates doubt their university degree's worth. 

In this day where you can learn everything at home and acquire skills through the internet alone, is your expensive college degree still worth anything? Yes, it is still worth it. The doubt from these recent graduates is not surprising. The economy is struggling and currently, there are poorer employment rates. 

But everything is looking up the next couple of years, so academics are urging the youth to appreciate their degrees more and have a change of heart for a more positive mindset.

Working Towards a Healthier Mindset

It's easy to look at an expensive university as not worth all the dollars if you are deep in debt. Some may say that money is not an issue if you put your heart to it, but the truth is, it will always be an issue – especially if you don't have a lot of it. But once you look at your college degree as not a bill to be paid, but a path to take, you might learn to look at it at a softer light.

Your psychological degree from James Cook University Singapore has to lead you to so many life-altering knowledge that you can pass on to your family. Your degree in architecture gave you a different eye of appreciation towards seemingly banal things. The time you spend studying as an undergraduate in a university where you are surrounded with like-minded people, this experience, is not going to happen again, ever. So treasure it.

Make the Most of It

Liberal arts graduates are especially deeper in the rut in this discourse of degree's worth and its value post-university. Because, really, what practical earning job will make proper use of the theories on reading you learn during college? Or of the history of certain musical arrangements in theatre?

The key here, as experts suggest, is to take another post-graduate degree. What, take another? Yes, take a degree that will help ground your purely theory undergraduate degree and transform it into something that is more actionable.

Why not combine history with community development? Or take some units on teaching so you can share your passion for the arts?

The worth of an object is not always about money. It may sound phoney to say that, but to some extent, it is true. You can look at your degree as worthless because it failed to land you a high-paying job, or you can look at your degree as only the starting step of a bigger future ahead of you. 

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Add-ons: Computer Accessories that Improve Productivity

printerYour PC or laptop alone cannot give you everything. Whether you’re a writer, gamer,student or a professional, you need good computer performance for your everyday activities.You also need additional tools depending on the tasks you need to accomplish.

Although computers already have built in accessories, it is still best to buy enhancements that improve computer performance.


Speakers are useful, especially for gamers and telecommunication experts. Speakers let you enjoy music and games and allow you to have video callswith good audio.

With more people using speakers, manufacturers such as Altec Lansing even develop “everything proof” Bluetooth speakers. For the ultimate listening experience, make sure you have a good portable speaker when travelling.


Though there are different kinds of printers nowadays, choose those that will give you the best quality printing at lower ink prices.Printers let you have a hard copy of documents or photographs.

A printer will not work without consumables, of course. PrintCom says Brother consumables like ink cartridges let your Brother colour printer print up to 250 pages.


Just like printers, scanners make work easier, this time by creating soft copies out of hard copies.Though computers don’t have built-in scanners yet, some printers already have them.

HD Cameras

The problem with built-in cameras is they have low megapixel qualities, giving you low quality images. Separate HD cameras provide high definition images or videos that give you better picture or video quality. Paired with your speakers, you get the best video calls or participate in HD Hangouts if you have good internet speeds.

Your computer lets you do several tasks, but accessories let you print documents or listen to music. Make sure you have the right equipment to have no problems accomplishing your tasks.

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Domo Arigato, Mr Roboto

Robotics is the field of electronics engineering that revolve around the design, constructions, operation and maintenance of robots. Robots are autonomous machines capable of locomotion that perform specific tasks and functions according to their programming.

In engineering school, some students can study this field. For starters, they will know that building their robots require three basic building blocks.

Programmed Computers

Robots are machines that are autonomous (not intelligent, mind you), which means you can leave them to perform their functions without assuming direct control. The machines can do this because of programmed computers set in their machinery.

This is where the computer science factors in. To give your computer the brain with which to write their instructions, functions and parameters, you need microcontroller units (MCUs) – technically small computers that can accept input, dish out output, and process and store data.

Electronic Circuitry

With the microcontroller being the brain of your robot, its electronic circuitry represents their other ‘organs’. This is where electronics and electrical engineering comes in. These electronics are the instrument of the microcontroller for accepting input, dishing output, and executing commands. The electronics can be anything from sensors (input), motors (locomotion), relays and actuators (output).

Aside from these electronics, robots also incorporate the most basic of electrical accessories in their design such as fuses to protect the circuits, cable tie mounts to keep wiring sorted, and rubber insulators to prevent shorting.

Mechanical Parts and Salvage

Robots are not all computers and circuits. They also have moving parts. This is where mechanical engineering comes in. In the design of robots, students also use mechanical parts such as metal bars, gears, pulleys and the like.

For example, to design a robotic arm that lifts more than a few dozen pounds, but only have an electric motor with a torque of less than six, you must devise a mechanical solution to multiply the base torque of the motor (cue pulleys and the right gear ratio). On the other hand, for a robot with a swivelling turret, a simple motor would not do. You would have to utilise bearings and couplings in process – things that you would normally associate with mechanics.

Salvage materials also comes in, because not everyone has money to get made-to-order aluminium or whatnot. Salvage is more common in small-scale hobby projects.

This is what makes robotics an exciting and challenging field as it melds computer, electronics and mechanical engineering. So start up your design and invent something cool.

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