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July 22, 2015 at 5:56 am

Winning Used Car Negotiations Like a Boss

Being a good negotiator goes a long way — especially with used cars.

Buying a secondhand car offers a cheaper alternative that serves your need to get from one point to another. Compared to new models, used cars provide numerous benefits minus the cost. But apart from finding the right dealer, fine negotiation chops also do wonders for your next car purchase.

With the right bargaining skills, your next ride doesn’t have to be an expensive struggle. Convincing your dealer to sell the car at a lower price is a challenge that requires good negotiations. For Top Line Utah, any bargain is possible if you know who you’re dealing with.

The Supreme Role of KnowledgeWinning Used Car

When it comes to used car negotiations, knowledge is power. In the field of used cars, your salesman or dealer has the most information. When a regular buyer walks into a dealership, they direct all questions and specifications to the dealer.

Do your research to get the best bargains out of your dealer. Find more information regarding the model you want before you approach a dealer. Hold your cards close by not telling the dealer what you need and the amount you’re willing to pay outright.

2 years or more works both ways

To save on finances, choose a car that is two or more years old. You might wonder: “Why should I get a car that’s two years or older?”

During the first three years of a new car, dealers drop its value by 45-55% from its original sticker price. At two years, used cars still look new and possess minimal problems, making it a great bargain. Just remember to seek inspection first for some peace of mind.

Putting down smart offers – the path to winning negotiations

Once you walk into a dealership, the sales agent will attempt to loosen your financial strings. Avoid such encounters by dropping your offer upfront. Politely discuss your financial options and how much you’re willing to pay.

Make counteroffers and use your knowledge with the particular model that you want. It’s important to show the dealers that you know what you’re dealing with and what you’re after. If they don’t agree, that’s fine — you can take your money elsewhere.

Ride the sweetest deal soon. With the right bargaining skills, your next ride could be the best bargain of your life.

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