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March 20, 2017 at 8:41 pm

Tree Stump Removal: 5 Factors to Consider

Man cutting a tree
Tree stumps in your property can be troublesome. They also take up garden space, are a pain to manoeuvre around, and can attract insects. All these are good reasons why you need to remove that stump in your backyard. But how do you go about to remove it? Here are the factors that help determine your options for a tree stump removal:

Proximity to other trees, buildings, or other structures

If the tree stump is too close to buildings and other structures, the experts at Tree Fellers say that digging and removal by fire may not be good options. Root entanglement may be a problem if the stump is too close to other trees you want to keep. Ask a tree stump removal service in Tauranga whether the stump can be removed without affecting the other structures.

Type and age of the tree involved

Some trees such as pine trees have big, wide, flat root systems. Other trees such as oak trees have deep roots and a tap root that shoots straight down. Hand-digging may work for small, shallow-rooted trees like maple and willow. Digging out deep rooted stumps is extremely tough, and could require mechanical or chemical removal. The age of the tree impacts the diameter of the trunk and size of the stump. Large stumps will need more work to remove than small or medium sized stumps.

Number of the stumps

How many tree stumps are in your lawn? If you have many tree stumps to remove, a power grinder may be the most economical option.

Access to removal equipment

Essential stump removal tools include shovels, axes, root saws, backhoes, and stump grinders. Some of these tools may be available for hire. However, renting is only an option for homeowners who have the skill and time to do the job. Otherwise, hire a tree stump removal service in Tauranga.

Time factor

What’s your time frame for the expected result to take effect? Grinding is fast and efficient. Leaving the stump to naturally decay may take forever. Chemicals may hasten the decaying but rotting may still take some time.
The best options for removing stumps depends on many factors. Different removal methods work best for different situations. A tree stump removal expert in Tauranga can help you determine the best option for your unique situation.