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EPA Finalizes New Rules on Oil, Gas Pollutants

New Rules on Oil and GasThe Environmental Protection Agency issued new regulations for oil and gas pollutants as part of the Obama administration’s campaign against methane pollution.

From an above ground storage tank to a transmission line, the new rules will cover a wide range of resources and equipment used in the oil and gas industry. EPA’s nonbinding environmental policies also intend to guide states that are yet to comply with federal ozone requirements.

These rules will help them to achieve a reduced amount of ozone-causing volatile organic compounds, which originate from oil and gas sites, according to The federal environment agency expects the new guidelines to strip 200,000 tons of methane pollution from the environment.

Greenhouse Initiative

The White House’s drive to reduce methane emissions comes as it has been found to be a more lethal greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide, with 25 times more global warming potential than the latter. The new policies will be implemented in 28 states nationwide that have exceeded their federal ozone limits, along with 11 Northeastern states.

However, several states have challenged the rules in a U.S. Court of Appeals. The complaint stemmed from a clear definition of the “adjacent” clause in the new rules. The clause serves as a guiding factor in what constitutes the scope of an oil and gas operation stationary source.

It still remains unclear whether the EPA’s definition of the term “adjacent” aligns with the Court of Appeals’ own description.

Critics’ Take

The oil and gas industry did not seem too pleased with the idea of EPA finalizing such rules without gathering more pollution-related data from producers. Howard Feldman, American Petroleum Institute senior director of regulatory and scientific affairs, said a lack of relevant data could elicit unattainable emission-reduction targets.

It will also hurt the economy, thereby creating a negative domino effect to jobs and consumers, according to Feldman. EPA released the new rules on Oct. 20.

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It’s a Celebration: Prepping Up for Your Next Big Event

Event PlanningPlanning an event (big or small) requires time, effort, and many considerations to put into action. As the host, your goal is to get your guests excited and have fun. This is not an easy task to do, however. The good thing is there are now ways to help you get the party started the way you want, minus the hassle.

Here are some event-planning rules that are worth remembering:

1. Identify your goals and purpose.

Establish the objectives of why you are organizing a party. Is it for the family get-together or for a corporate event? The more specific it is, the better. Consider this as the overall framework or structure of your event.

2. Create a team.

Things will be easier if you have a dedicated team handling every detail of the event. You may hire a planner or do it yourself, but you can never get by without the help of other people.

3. Find the right theme.

Whether it is a personal or corporate event, having a motif or theme makes everything smooth and easy. You may even come up with a catchphrase or tagline out of it. These give your guests an idea of what they could expect from your event.

4. Set the date.

Time and date can make or break your event. When choosing a date, be sure to consider the following:

  • Availability of your guests
  • Enough preparation period
  • No to weekdays (as much as possible)
  • Match it to your theme and the season

5. Complete the setup.

To hype up your event, you need the right equipment. Sound systems, tables, chairs, and stage setup is some of the essentials in your party. Luckily, many businesses in Minneapolis offer party rental services to help with all your event planning needs, especially when they’re outdoors. Aside from that, most function halls are now including this package, so you don’t have to worry.

Event hosting might seem a little too complicated and stressful to handle at first, but as long as you know where to start and how to handle everything, things will become steadier and more manageable. Keep these basic party-planning suggestions for a great and cool celebration.

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Professional Moving Companies – Do You Need Them?

Professional Moving CompanyProfessional Moving Companies Salt Lake City – Do You Need Them?

Moving is one of the hectic and riskiest things to do. When the right steps and measures are not taken, it can lead to greater losses and time wastage. Having the following knowledge will help you minimize the above.

It’s always wise to choose a moving company when relocating to a new place. While you may think that you can save costs when moving on your own, high-cost damages may occur. There are many moving companies in Salt Lake City and choosing the right one will be of great advantage to you.

Using referrals from family and friends, or finding them online can be some of the ways to get one. Checking their credibility of websites such as will ensure you hire the right fit. Anyhow, you need a professional mover.

Why you need a professional moving company

• They observe time

Homeowners allow you a limited period during which you should have vacated their premises. Professional companies ensure that you are settled within that given period, with little or no damages to your belongings. This may not be so when doing it yourself.

• No damages or breakage

Handling fragile furniture and appliances entails a lot of care. If they don’t break when packing, they might when transporting or offloading. Professionals know how to arrange them in boxes and handle them throughout to minimize breakage.

• Insurance coverage

Professional moving companies in Salt Lake City provide insurance coverage, which eases the burden suppose there were breakages while moving. This way, you are assured that in the case of any damages, you will be compensated.

• They use quality packing materials

These materials are quite expensive to buy since they are mainly used for commercial services. When they are used for moving, they guarantee the safety of your belongings. Choosing a professional company will, therefore, ensure you do not have to meet this cost.

From the above points, you learn that the benefits of hiring moving companies out ways the benefits of doing it yourself. However, there are unprofessional companies that offer cheap services; therefore, caution should be taken to ensure you hire professional ones.

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