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How to Make Your Cross-Country Move Stress-Free

a man calling someone on the phoneMost people fail to make adequate preparations when making a long distance move, and it leads them to have a bad experience. By planning, you can ensure a smooth process regardless of distance.

If you’re planning to move across state lines, then you are better off hiring a reputable moving company like Colonial Van Lines. Such movers have experience packing and hauling things over long distances. Professional movers will transport your stuff between states, across the country, and even internationally without breaking a sweat. The last thing that you need when starting over in a new place is stress.

Pack Smartly

If you are traveling a thousand miles to your new home, you might spend a couple of days on the road. The sustained vibrations and shifting of boxes in the trailer can pose a considerable risk to your precious possessions. You can ensure that no harm befalls even your most delicate of items by packing them properly.

If you have many fragile items, you can opt for specialty moving boxes that provide greater protection than ordinary boxes. On the other hand, you can stock up on bubble wrappers. Blankets, sheets, and duvets also make excellent wrappers. Be sure to label all boxes to correspond to their destination rooms with clearly visible markers. That way, the movers can leave them in the right place, making them easy to unpack.

Read the Terms Carefully

Most people underestimate the nuances that come with the moving process, and they suffer for it. When engaging a mover, be clear on what the service entails. Will they help you pack or unpack? Will they unload the boxes at your new home? Will they unload the boxes outside the house or will they help you get them inside? Will the loaders move the boxes to their respective rooms? As you can see, failing to address these issues can saddle you with some tedious work.

Moving across the state can prove to be a daunting task, especially when you must spend a couple of days on the road. Luckily, you can take some proactive measures to keep the move smooth.

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Buying a Business: A Guide for First-timers

business brokerage serviceThere are many good reasons people invest and buy an existing business rather than building a new one from scratch. For one, you do not need to find equipment and materials to get the business running. Sometimes, even workers are included in the package. Also, building a reputation and business name won’t be as hard as starting from scratch.

But, like other huge purchases, buying a business in Utah or in any other parts of the country is something that cannot be done overnight. It’s important to know the right things to make the purchase a wise and worthy one.

Know what type of business you want

Before buying a business, it’s important to first know what type of business you want. This can help you get into something that you’re truly passionate about and would make it easier for you to handle.

Know the competitors

Survey the area and know the competitors you would be up against if you decide to buy the business. This can give you a better picture of whether it is a wise purchase or not.

Know the price

Shop for businesses for sale. That way, you would know the market price and value and what to expect upon closing a transaction.

Know the reason for selling

This will tell a lot about the business history and its trajectory. A business that’s sold because the owner wants to retire is something worth buying as compared to one that’s sold because of internal problems or bankruptcy.

Know who will be your broker

Choose a business broker who can help with your transactions. Their role in the successful purchase of your business is integral as one wrong move in the paperwork can cause future problems to arise.

With these points in your head, buying a business can now be a lot easier. All the best in being a businessman.

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3 Things That Explain Why Utah Is a Great State to Do Business

Image of Utah skylineUtah consistently ranks as one of the best states for business-minded individuals. In 2017, Forbes placed the Beehive State in second place. What factors could have been influencing this excellent business climate?


Unlike some states, Utah levies almost all types of taxes including personal and corporate income tax, as well as property tax. The biggest difference – and something business owners would appreciate – is the simplicity.

Utah now uses a flat rate of 5 percent for personal income tax. There is also a fixed rate of 4.7 percent for state sales tax. Local rates, on the other hand, can vary. Overall, the state’s taxes are near the national average.


Utah also has one of the most vibrant economies in the country. In a 2016 WalletHub report, it placed third after California and Washington in the overall rankings. Meanwhile, it ranked fifth in economic activity and fourth in innovation potential. It scored the highest, first place, in terms of financial health.

The state bested Florida in the highest GDP growth and California in the most startup activity. It placed first in the highest change of non-farm payrolls.

Business Community

Businesses thrive when the owners receive all the support they need from the government and their community. Utah has a publication called Doing Business in Utah, which provides all the essential information one needs to start and manage an enterprise in the state.

There are business organizations that offer workshops and guidance for starters. For those who are into tech, Utah is the place to be. With its numerous start-ups, others now see it as the next Silicon Valley. Doing business in Utah is easier than in other states as one can easily find funding.

However, out-of-state entrepreneurs can also establish here by opting to buy a business in Utah, which firms such as Utah Business Consultants can help you with. This option is even ideal as a homegrown professional can provide ideas on how to start with the least risks.

Utah is not a perfect state. It does have its own business-related issues including a softer economic outlook or a high labor cost. However, more often than not, the benefits outweigh the disadvantages.

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