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3 Things That Explain Why Utah Is a Great State to Do Business

Image of Utah skylineUtah consistently ranks as one of the best states for business-minded individuals. In 2017, Forbes placed the Beehive State in second place. What factors could have been influencing this excellent business climate?


Unlike some states, Utah levies almost all types of taxes including personal and corporate income tax, as well as property tax. The biggest difference – and something business owners would appreciate – is the simplicity.

Utah now uses a flat rate of 5 percent for personal income tax. There is also a fixed rate of 4.7 percent for state sales tax. Local rates, on the other hand, can vary. Overall, the state’s taxes are near the national average.


Utah also has one of the most vibrant economies in the country. In a 2016 WalletHub report, it placed third after California and Washington in the overall rankings. Meanwhile, it ranked fifth in economic activity and fourth in innovation potential. It scored the highest, first place, in terms of financial health.

The state bested Florida in the highest GDP growth and California in the most startup activity. It placed first in the highest change of non-farm payrolls.

Business Community

Businesses thrive when the owners receive all the support they need from the government and their community. Utah has a publication called Doing Business in Utah, which provides all the essential information one needs to start and manage an enterprise in the state.

There are business organizations that offer workshops and guidance for starters. For those who are into tech, Utah is the place to be. With its numerous start-ups, others now see it as the next Silicon Valley. Doing business in Utah is easier than in other states as one can easily find funding.

However, out-of-state entrepreneurs can also establish here by opting to buy a business in Utah, which firms such as Utah Business Consultants can help you with. This option is even ideal as a homegrown professional can provide ideas on how to start with the least risks.

Utah is not a perfect state. It does have its own business-related issues including a softer economic outlook or a high labor cost. However, more often than not, the benefits outweigh the disadvantages.

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Preparing Your Brand for the Online Market

Man surfing the internetOnline is where your business needs to be if you want to thrive. It simply doesn’t make sense to avoid the online world, where most of your potential clients are. If you know what’s right for your company, you’ll pay attention to online trends and adapt your brand to them.

Here are some things to remember: 

Your Website Is Your Company’s Face

When customers search for your brand name online, they should be directed to your website. In the real world, that’s like walking around a mall in Denver until they are in front of your store. Now, whether or not they come in to check your products will depend on how your store looks. If it looks boring and generic, they might not even remember your brand’s name. Your website should be memorable and enticing enough that customers will want to know more. Web development trends mention quick loading and intuitiveness as top reasons that customers like a website, so pay attention to those factors.

Customer Service Matters a Lot

You’re dealing with individuals with different end goals and preferences, and your business should offer each of them a satisfactory service. Provide options, and be willing to guide them through the whole process if they seem confused. Personalized customer service is important these days, as more customers want their needs addressed in the quickest way possible.

A Little Bit of Humor Never Hurt Anyone

Injecting a little bit of humor in your interactions with customers eases them into trusting your brand. Customers are fans of “human” brands more than they are of those that sound robotic. Feel free to banter if they seem to be in a good mood, but do make sure you are not crossing a line. Some brands also interact with their competitors in a humorous exchange of tweets or comments.

Your brand needs to exist online to get customer attention. But don’t just exist; be memorable.

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Buying Interior Doors? Here’s What to Look For

Beautiful interior doorAn interior door is one of those necessities you may be tempted to overlook, yet it can make a huge difference in the look of your house. Whether you’re thinking of building a new house or renovating your home, installing the right internal door is a good step in achieving an elegant living space. Use these simple guidelines while choosing an interior door.

Choose a unique style

Before settling on an interior door, ask yourself whether it fits your tastes and preferences. Internal doors in Australia come in many sizes and shapes.  What kind of look and feel would you like for your overall living space? Choose the right size and ensure it complements the ambience you want for your room.

Decide on material

Doors are available in many different materials. Once you decide on the appearance you want for your living space, choose the right door material to complement it. You could go for solid wood such as mahogany or maple, which are both strong and durable. Other materials you could choose from are glass, metal, MDF or solid core. Go for what fits your tastes and budget.

Insist on the right framing

If you are buying a pre-hung interior door, ensure that it is mounted on the right quality frame and hinges. A poor door frame can easily ruin the look of a quality door. On the other hand, if you decide to buy a slab door, hire a professional to frame it correctly.

Choose doors with high STC

All interior doors have a sound transmission class (STC) depending on how sound proof they are. A door with a low STC will let most normal conversation pass through the door, while doors at the upper scale of STC are soundproof and give you maximum privacy.

Interior doors may appear like simple parts of the home, but they play an important role in the look and feel of your house. The next time you want to renovate your house, remember these vital components of your home can help define your style.

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