How to Get a Great Tan Without Sacrificing Your Skin’s Health

Woman applying her sunscreen while tanningYou’ve been waiting for summer to get your tan on, but hold up, this also means that you’ll be exposing your skin to UVB and UVA rays that could wreak havoc on your skin. This could, in turn, lead to premature ageing, or worse, skin cancer. That said, before baking under the sun, below are some guidelines to protect your skin against premature ageing and achieve that perfect beach babe glow.

Sunscreen Before Anything Else

Those who are looking to tan more quickly tend to forego sunscreen altogether. But doing so would leave your skin powerless from harsh sun rays. Always apply sunscreen before going crazy on the sun tan oil or some other kind of tanning accelerator, advises Bali Body. Consider a sunscreen spray for easier application and faster drying time. Reapply as needed.

Use Proper Sunscreen

SPF alone won’t cut it. Make sure your sunscreen bottle states UVA plus and broad spectrum. You could also opt for SPF30 instead of SPF50, even if SPF30 only filters out 97 % of UVB, while SPF50 filters out 98 %. The reason is that SPF50 could lend a false sense of protection and could be quite chalky. As such, you might be wary of reapplying every two hours, which is what you should do.

Timing Is Everything

If you are tanning your back for 15 minutes, you should do 15 minutes for your front as well to ensure that you get an even tan all over. Likewise, apply your tanning oil evenly to avoid getting a tan effect.

Always Moisturise After

Frequent tanning would eventually result in some damage and stress on your skin, but you could help prevent this by applying a cooling moisturiser or lotion once your indoors to help with faster skin recovery. Go for products with cooling ingredients such as aloe vera and hydrating components such as avocado. Opt for gel-type or light moisturisers or even light body oils to help your skin breath and avoid a sticky feeling.

Simply put, while that tanned beach goddess look is divine, don’t sacrifice the health of your skin for it. Keep these guidelines in mind and try to do all that you can to prevent the harmful effects of sun exposure.

November 5, 2017 at 1:00 amLifestyle

What Do You Need to Bring for a Waterpark Visit?

Little girl enjoying her day on a water parkWhen you go to the waterpark, the main point is to enjoy yourself and be carefree for just a few hours while spending it with friends and family.

Waterparks are fun and exciting until you realize that you’ve forgotten something at home. Don’t let this happen to you and instead, prepare ahead of time so you don’t end up sulking because of the things you forgot. Here’s what you need to pack for your next trip to a nearby waterpark in Albuquerque.


There is nothing more frustrating than forgetting your swimsuit. It’s more common than you think. You’ll end up going home unsatisfied from your trip, and frustrated that you wasted your time without soaking in water.


Sunscreen is essential for skin protection, especially during summer. You should apply the protective lotion before getting dressed, so that you cover all areas and reapply it every time you go out of the water. But don’t apply it and then run to the water right away. Instead, wait 15 minutes before you do.


When you’re at a waterpark, you don’t just wade in the water all day; you eat, socialize, and when the day ends, you take a shower and go home. Make sure you have soap, shampoo, deodorant, and toothbrush packed.

Casual Clothes

There’s nothing worse than having to go home with wet clothes, so this is something that you should pack ahead of time. All you need is an extra set of clothes and underwear.

Finally, don’t forget your family’s safety when heading to the waterpark. Make sure the kids have your mobile phone number and that they have proper identification on them. You should also instruct your kids how to get to the park’s administration or security office. In case the big crowds separate your kids from you, they would know how to get in touch with you or where to go when they get lost.

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From Just Chilling to Facebook Official: The Perfect Jewelry for Each Relationship Stage

Jewelry boxWhether it is your anniversary, a holiday, or her birthday, a piece of jewelry is a great gift as long as you know what is appropriate at that stage. As much as you want to check out moissanite vs diamond price lists, you have to be cautious about what it might mean.

You do not want to get a ring if it is too early because they might assume you are proposing and get disappointed when you do not utter those magical words. On the other hand, you do not want to give them something that might seem way too impersonal.

Lucky for you, there is a perfect piece of jewelry to give whatever your relationship stage may be.

The “Just Chilling” or “Still Dating” Stage

If you are in a situation where you are not exactly boyfriend-girlfriend, but you agreed to date exclusively, do not confuse things by buying something fancy. You do not want to get jewelry that expresses way too much “feelings,” and you do not want her to get mad if you get the wrong birthstone.

The former will make her expect more from you, while the latter will highlight how much you do not pay attention to her personal details. Try to find something classic and simple, like a pendant necklace or stud earrings

Social Media Official

If everyone in the digital world knows about your relationship, then you can go ahead with designs that are more romantic. You most likely know her and the style that she likes better now, so anything that you get her at this stage will be quite sentimental.

Get something cute and flirty that she can wear daily, such as a xoxo pattern bracelet, her favorite flower or design, or heart-shaped earrings.

You’ve Moved in Together

At this serious stage in your relationship, you can finally display your love for them and your excitement that you are finally building a life together. This time, invest in a piece of jewelry that she can don on special events, such as knockout chandelier earrings or an elegant cuff bracelet.

Before you pay for the chosen jewelry at the cashier, consider making your gift extra special by adding another gift, like a designer perfume or handbag. After all, two gifts are always better than one.

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