Caring for Yourself Even with a Limited Budget

Smiling and happy womanAdvocates of mental health keep telling you to practice self-care, but companies have started to make it an expensive routine to do. While you would have been happy with a long bath at home, spas make you believe booking an appointment with them is the right way to do it. But that's where they're wrong. There is no form of self-care that is bad, as long as it gives you the intended results. 

When you're on a budget, these will work just as well as maxing out your credit cards: 

Get Yourself a Custom Item 

Don't think lavish and expensive just yet. There are custom jewelry or writing paraphernalia in Salt Lake City offered at reasonable costs by businesses like There's something fulfilling about seeing your name or initials on your things. You'll smile every time you remember that that bracelet you got for yourself is unique. 

Save and Splurge

Don't go bankrupt trying to live in luxury when you can't afford it. However, this doesn't mean depriving yourself of the little joys of life. Packing your lunch for two days can save you enough for a meal at a good restaurant. Save this for a challenging day when you need to be pampered and treated like royalty. Pack your lunches four work days out of five and you can even bring a friend along when you dine out.

Spend Time Alone

It's not always the expensive clothes or the company that make you happy. If you prefer staying in with a good book or movie instead of socializing over drinks, that's fine. Time is something you can't take back, and often you may feel like you don't have enough of it. Disconnect from everyone to decompress from time to time. 

Who said you need to spend too much just to feel like you're caring for yourself? Find something that makes you happy and work smart for it. 

May 22, 2018 at 1:00 amLifestyle

Summer Holiday Options for the Family

kids at a summer vacationA summer break is a great chance to get away from everyday life even for just a few days. A trip with the family makes new memories and fosters bonds, as well. Whether it’s a family tradition or a change from your usually laid-back summer plans, you will not regret going on a trip with your loved ones.

Consider the following to ensure a fun and memorable holiday:

Explore Sentosa

Singapore’s is one of the most popular options for tourists and its main attraction is Sentosa, a beautiful place where every member of the family will surely enjoy. The whole day will be filled with activities at the end of it, you can relax and have a sumptuous meal at either of the beaches.

To make the most of the trip, look for online deals available to you at, and check for Singapore attraction packages. A Sentosa holiday package includes all the activities you want to try, and you may also opt for a family pass.

Go on a Road Trip

Prepare a playlist for the long road ahead and bond over what everyone has been up to in their lives. In this kind of holiday, the journey is as good as the destination. You can stop at interesting spots and take photos of everyone and anything. Give everyone their turn to play music, so you can get to know them better from their music choices.

Go on a Cruise

If travelling by land is not your thing, how about travelling by sea? A cruise is a good idea for those who want to witness the beauty of the ocean before reaching a wonderful destination. Choose the right cruise and you’ll be having a good time in several destinations in just one trip. Book as early as possible, as it is a popular option for newly weds and families.

Spend quality time with the family this summer. Whatever activity you choose, all that matters is that you do it together and you enjoy it.

March 20, 2018 at 1:00 amLifestyle

How to Upgrade Your Wardrobe Like a Pro

Fashionable maleIf you feel like you are wearing the same thing often, or you get the feeling like you don’t have anything to wear, then it’s time for a change. As a woman, one of the best ways to feel new and improved is by enhancing your current wardrobe. And yes, it will make you feel great.

But if you are unsure about how to about this, here are a few ideas you can follow to get you started towards a new you.

Out with the old

Before you decide to buy new clothes, the first step is to remove old ones from your closet. This may be a bit difficult, but it is a crucial part of your new wardrobe. There is really no hard and fast rule on which ones to throw out and which ones to keep.

One suggestion stands out, though. If you have not worn an item in more than six months, it has to go. Of course, this is on a case-to-case basis. But once you decide to remove some articles of clothing, you can give it to your friends. Or you can even donate them or sell them at a garage sale

Clearing your wardrobe will provide you with the space you need for your new additions.

In with the new

Now that you have gotten rid of some old and unused clothes, it is on to the next step. Take a look at what clothes you have. Is there a certain color scheme? Is there something missing? Try to choose some items that will go well with your collection when buying new ones.

For example, if you feel like you don’t have a lot of shoes, you could get a pair of flat, casual boots from boot stores in Austin, TX to go with your jeans. Boots go nicely with most clothing, so don’t worry about mixing and matching.

Afterwards, embrace the new you. Treat yourself to a day in the spa; you’ve earned it. You have just upgraded your wardrobe like a pro!

February 15, 2018 at 1:00 amLifestyle