Volume Control: 3 Ways to Tame Your Unruly Hair

Stylist working on a client's hairWhen you have thick and heavy hair, managing it could be a hard task at times. You don’t have to cut your hair short and spend so much money on hair care products to get a manageable hair. Luckily, there are different techniques available which will help tame it and make it easy to manage. Here are different ways to minimise the thickness of your hair and make it appear smoother.

1. Go to Your Hairstylist

If you want to manage the volume of your hair while maintaining a good hairstyle, then going to the salon is your best option. True, you could control your frizz and curls by yourself with hair products. But rather than applying a multitude of hair products, hairstylists help you manage your hair by trimming your hair cutting split ends. Most probably they’ll use thinning scissors to take care of your unruly hair. The shears are designed to cut the tips of your hair but not too close to the root. This leaves you with an amount that has less volume but is easy to style and hold its shape against New Zealand’s climate.

2. Appropriate Hair Care Routine

Having an appropriate hair care regimen is another easy way of controlling your hair. To curb frizzing and minimise volume, use cold water to wash your hair. Cold water allows the hair to lie flat and appear less puffy. Avoid shampooing your hair daily and instead, give it plain rinses in between. Instead of using a conditioner, use an apple cider vinegar solution to accomplish lustrous, glossy locks. You could also apply creams, gels or serums meant for volume control.

3. Different Styling

When you have thick hair with bushy ends, your hair will adopt an unbalanced look. If your hair tends to appear bulky, opt for a layered cut. Having layers allows redistribution of volume giving you a sleek look. Where you are growing your hair from a shorter style, work with your stylist so they can incorporate more layers. Avoid blunt haircuts too so you can achieve a thinned outlook.

For an easy everyday look, use a blow-dryer and follow it up with a taming product such as an anti-frizz serum. A flat iron will give an even thinner look as it leaves your hair flat and controls the volume effectively.

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Inspirations for Your Little Girl’s Next Birthday Party

Kids in a Birthday PartyBirthday parties are memorable and tender moments in a girl’s life. They are a lasting gift parents can give that extends far beyond the material benefits they bring. There are countless ways to celebrate a little girl’s birthday. Here are a few winning ideas to inspire you to plan your daughter’s next birthday party.

Farm Theme

If your daughter loves animals, a farm-themed party would be perfect for her. Plan a visit to the petting zoo for all the girls before the party or arrange to bring in a few farm animals to your backyard where kids can get to know them. Invite the children to come in their best farm attires and give away straw cowboy hats, which you can get from online shops like A.A. Callister, to set the theme. Prepare a backyard barbecue or picnic for the kids and play some state fair games to continue the fun.

Mini Sparty

For little girls who like to be pampered, sparties or spa-themed parties can be a fun experience. You can host the party at a small spa where the kids can get a mani-pedi together while exchanging stories. If the spa is open to host a small tea party, prepare a sophisticated spread of mini cupcakes and sandwiches. You can also host the sparty at home by setting up a few foot soak stations and hire a nail artist for the day to do everyone’s nails.

Ballerina Studio

For a girl who dreams of being a prima ballerina someday, host a pink and black ballerina studio-themed party. Request a ballet teacher specializing in teaching young girls to do a small class and provide pink tutus for each guest. Style the venue and the rest of the details in pink and black and let the girls twirl and jump all day. Planning a little girl’s birthday party can bring some pressure, but with these inspiring ideas, you can make your princess’s day extra special and give the royal treatment she deserves on her special day.

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Caring for Yourself Even with a Limited Budget

Smiling and happy womanAdvocates of mental health keep telling you to practice self-care, but companies have started to make it an expensive routine to do. While you would have been happy with a long bath at home, spas make you believe booking an appointment with them is the right way to do it. But that's where they're wrong. There is no form of self-care that is bad, as long as it gives you the intended results. 

When you're on a budget, these will work just as well as maxing out your credit cards: 

Get Yourself a Custom Item 

Don't think lavish and expensive just yet. There are custom jewelry or writing paraphernalia in Salt Lake City offered at reasonable costs by businesses like There's something fulfilling about seeing your name or initials on your things. You'll smile every time you remember that that bracelet you got for yourself is unique. 

Save and Splurge

Don't go bankrupt trying to live in luxury when you can't afford it. However, this doesn't mean depriving yourself of the little joys of life. Packing your lunch for two days can save you enough for a meal at a good restaurant. Save this for a challenging day when you need to be pampered and treated like royalty. Pack your lunches four work days out of five and you can even bring a friend along when you dine out.

Spend Time Alone

It's not always the expensive clothes or the company that make you happy. If you prefer staying in with a good book or movie instead of socializing over drinks, that's fine. Time is something you can't take back, and often you may feel like you don't have enough of it. Disconnect from everyone to decompress from time to time. 

Who said you need to spend too much just to feel like you're caring for yourself? Find something that makes you happy and work smart for it. 

May 22, 2018 at 1:00 amLifestyle