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Whale Watching as a Safe Activity for the Family

Whale WatchingSome people enjoy going to zoos and ocean parks to see different animals. You may find visiting these places more comfortable than seeing animals in their natural habitat since it makes you feel safer while you keep a close distance. These places give you an opportunity to take pictures, touch the animals and maybe even feed them.

However, close contact with those animals may have a different effect on them. Similarly, they also feel scared and threatened when humans get a little too close.

Whale Watching

Aside from going to zoos and safaris if you don’t feel comfortable going into the lion’s den, you can enjoy dolphin and whale watching in various parts of Australia. This activity is open to all ages and can be enjoyed by people without endangering their safety.

Whale watching lets you get a glimpse of how whales move without disturbing them. Australia is one of the countries that offer great opportunities for whale watching since their harbours are closely bound to each other and serve as a migrating point for the whales. At the same time, ocean temperatures in Australia are perfect for breeding whales.

Why Choose this Activity?

Whale watching in Dunsborough, Western Australia is one way to see migrating whales and even dolphins. Similar with zoos, you can also take photos and videos, but the best part is knowing they are not trapped in man-made pools.

Whale watching is an activity that lets you see how whales interact with each other and see them move naturally without disturbing them. You wouldn’t need to worry about your safety because this activity has strict guidelines and safe distance measurements.

There are many activities you can enjoy all year round that are perfect for the whole family. But if you want to experience the rare opportunity of seeing whales up close, whale watching can be the perfect activity. It is safe, fun and something that you will look forward to every year.

December 12, 2016 at 7:24 amOver Seas

The Perfect English Getaway Up North

Everybody wants to take a bit of time off, but not everyone has the privilege to take a break and travel overseas.

Most would think that the perfect holiday involves travelling long ways from home. If you are looking for that perfect English getaway, then you can easily find that up north, specifically. Even the Crown Commercial Service has convinced the government to commit £10m in hopes of boosting tourism in the area. Let these reasons convince you in the same way.

Northern EnglandVariety of Activities

There will never be a dull moment during your visit in Northern England, Bridlington, to be exact. With the picturesque views of the area, you can enjoy a number of activities, like walking, cycling and horseback riding.

BridlingtonHolidayCottages.co knows how important it is to have a comfortable space to call home for your visit. Along with other accommodations providers, you can be assured of a wonderful stay in the Yorkshire Wolds.

For the Family

Northern England is home to a range of sights, giving visitors more places to visit. There are beaches, wildlife reserves, and historical sites. Having many choices for activities gives people higher chances to do something they will greatly enjoy—making Northern England a great place to visit with your family.

Rich History

Like a person, Bridlington is more than just a pretty face. The place has historic value and this gives it substance, making it an even more interesting destination. The location was mostly for medieval settlement that then turned into parliamentary enclosures by the 18th and 19th centuries.

Why not make your trip a treat for the eyes and mentally stimulating at the same time?

The perfect getaway does not have to be overseas. A wonderful trip up north awaits to be enjoyed, so go make the most of it—do something different and learn something new about England’s rich history.

May 21, 2015 at 12:21 amOver Seas

Singapore on a Budget: Cheap Things to Do

Many regard Singapore as one of the most expensive countries to explore in Asia, but the truth is there are many inexpensive attractions with so much to see and do. With its vibrant surroundings and perpetually sunny climate, the Lion City is an ideal leisure destination even if you are travelling on a budget.

Explore the beauty of city without breaking the bank with these cheap things to do in Singapore:

Try the Delicious Street Food

SingaporeVisit the local food centres and try some cheap but tasty street food. These open-air courts have banks of food stalls, arranged around rows of tables and chairs. You don’t need to worry about the safety of the meals, as the centres are government-owned and are spotlessly clean. You can chow down on delicious Asian dishes for as low as $3 at the food stalls in Tekka Centre, Lau Pa Sat, and Chinatown’s Maxwell Road.

Pose with the Merlion

A trip to Singapore is never complete without a visit to the country’s most iconic landmark, the Merlion. Before wandering around Marina Bay, pose and take pictures with the water-spouting critter. If your budget permits, visit the Sentosa Merlion and take in the 360⁰ commanding view of the city or purchase Mercub souvenirs for family and friends.

Try Hiking at Mount Faber

Get your feet moving and wander through one of the best walking trails in the country at the foot of Mount Faber. See the gorgeous plants set against the cityscape as you make your way through the pedestrian bridge. Make sure to bring water and put on some sunscreen and a hat because it can get pretty hot at times.

Take a Side Trip to Another Country

Singapore’s close proximity to Malaysia lets tourists visit the city of Johor Bahru for less than the price of a cup of coffee. Just take the Singapore-Johore Express bus at Queen Street terminal for an enjoyable trip to the lively Malaysian city.

Other than these things, you can also enjoy some of the free-admission museums in Singapore and top tourist destinations such as The Botanic Gardens, Sri Mariamman Temple, and Gardens by the Bay.

May 18, 2015 at 2:05 amOver Seas