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Three Things to Know about Australia’s Ute

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Australia is known for many things: the Great Barrier Reef, the casual Aussie accent, kangaroos and koalas, surfs and beaches, and a more laid-back lifestyle.

When it comes to vehicles, nothing spells Land Down Under more than the utility coupes.

To help you appreciate and understand the ute culture in Australia, here are three important things to know about the vehicle:

1. Utes Are Not Pickup Trucks – Technically

The quintessential vehicle features two doors and a cargo tray. It is popular in the rural areas where it serves several purposes, including delivering goods during the weekdays and carrying camping gear during the holidays.
Over the years, however, the term has been used interchangeably with ’pickup’.

Perhaps it is because of the increased demand and patronage for supersized American pickup trucks. They can also survive the diverse road conditions and landscapes of the country. Technically, pickup trucks are different from the Australian utes since they do not have integrated cargo trays.

2. South Australia Does Not Classify Classic Utes as Heavy Vehicles

In South Australia, the category for heavy vehicles includes B-doubles, road trains, trucks, agricultural machinery, tankers, delivery trucks and other vehicles that are long and are slow-moving when on the road. MFI Service Bodies, for example, uses heavy-duty vehicles for their commercial and recreational fleet services.

Licences given to the owners are dependent on the vehicle class: light rigid or medium rigid, heavy rigid or heavy combination, and multi-combination.

3. It Is Normal to Customise Utes

Since utes are not only a necessity but also a bragging right, most owners spend money on customising their design. Some of the popular additions include bullbars, spotlights and mudflaps. You can also customise commercial ladder racks in Australia.

Despite the influx of more foreign heavy-duty vehicles, the utes are here to stay. Their multipurpose use serves Australians in ways that other service vehicles can’t. Trucks may evolve, but utes will never go away.

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Creative Ticketing Design Ideas Worthy of Recycling

Creative Ticketing DesignAfter an event, people may easily disregard their tickets after the hard work of saving, standing in line and fighting for it. But you can make tickets very eye-catchy that customers will want to keep them as a memento.

If you are an event planner, you should want every bit of your creative efforts to be recognized. Here are some design ideas that will make your tickets a collectible and definitely unworthy of the trash bin:

Metallic Inks

Translucent metallic inks are cute ways to make classy tickets outstanding. advises that this ticket design is perfect when you want standout tickets with high security performance. These come in different colors and not just the usual neutral greys, golds, and silvers. These also give texture to tickets if you are looking for variety to glossy or 2D prints.

Holographic Security Foil

Anti-counterfeiting ticketing system, such as holographic designs are also creative. A holographic image, as defined by, can be seen by looking into an illuminated holographic print or by pointing a laser through a hologram and projecting it to a screen. These are perfect for Star Wars movie marathon or school science fairs. Holographic security foils are naturally colorful and proposes many design possibilities.

Blacklight Sensitive

For high security events, your tickets may serve another purpose, that is make it counterfeit proof and sassy. Blacklight responsive tickets are useful in bar events, concerts and other events where lights are turned low. You can design yours and make it better by giving it a twist. For example, admission tickets that double as raffle coupons may be printed with UV transparent ink.

Tickets should not be treated as an ephemera rather a memorabilia that should last a lifetime. Make your tickets a future collectible and find a ticket printing company to help you get the job done fast and efficient.

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4 Ways to Motivate Your Sales Force

Executives are always looking for ways to motivate their sales team. The sales force is the backbone of a business as they communicate the products and services directly to the consumers. Without a motivated group, your company will be unable to reach the high expectations you set.

What are the different ways to motivate your sales team?

Training Sessions

ILS Performance cites that training your sales team will boost their performance and motivation. The changing demands and rising number of competitors require a disciplined, inspired, and skilled sales force.

sales forceYour team must know the ins-and-outs of your products and services, and embody the values of your company to attract customers and close a sale. Proper training develops their strengths and limits their weaknesses.

An effective training module develops key skills such as:

  1. Customer-centered selling
  2. Sales effectiveness
  3. Account planning and handling
  4. Successful and effective negotiation
  5. Communicating and building relationships

With proper training, your sales force will have your company soaring to new heights.

Salary Is Not Enough

Providing your sales force with a high-paying salary is not enough. Your competitors can match any amount to entice your top performers to jump ship. To separate your company from the rest and keep your top staff, get creative with the incentives you provide.

For example, create a fun environment at the office by providing your team with Yoga, Pilates, MMA, or other group or individual exercise programs. These activities help boost morale, even in low times. Exercise is a great way to relieve stress and improve performance.

Constantly reward and recognize the top performing sales group. Recognition and compensation, whether in kind or in cash, keep your staff inspired and motivated. It also gives others the incentive to do better.

Leadership is Important

Leadership makes or breaks the success of a team or organization. You need to find leaders in your sales force to keep everyone inspired and driving for success. Look for a leader that is not only a good motivator, but is also capable of delivering results. Individuals who are unafraid to make decisions and learn through experience make great leaders.

Incentivizing Rejections

The sales team constantly deals with rejections as they push your products and services. Constant rejection affects morale and leads to poor performance. Motivate your group by giving them incentives despite the ‘Nos’ they receive. Provide them with monetary rewards, handwritten notes, or group eat outs to keep them inspired.

These things will keep your sales force inspired despite the setbacks they may encounter. Keeping your team motivated helps your business grow and expand its market.

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