Scheduled Maintenance Service to Your Home: Your Complete Guide

Maintenance ServiceOwning a house doesn’t just end with the purchase process. Apart from financial responsibility, it is the duty of a homeowner to maintain and look after their home. It does involve a lot of work. But with the right repair tools and maintenance services, these things can be easily dealt with.

Smoothly navigate the seasonal upkeep of every house needs by referring to this maintenance checklist:

Monthly Inspection

The completion of monthly home inspection will consistently monitor completion of maintenance around the property. Scheduling regular assessment allows comprehensive monthly home improvement that is both easy to follow and keep track. This inspection usually includes the following areas in your home:

  • Clean and check the filter of your HVAC system. This will help cut down the expenses spent on energy and utility consumption
  • Probe sink, drains, and pipes for possible leaks or clogs in your system. If you think further attention is needed, you are free to call a trained plumber from Denver to help you.

Seasonal Checklist for Spring & Autumn

In many regions, fall is the perfect time to handle many repairs and replacement projects. This is due to the dry and moderate temperature the season has. Before you even start, be sure to examine every inch of your home from inside out. This will help you gauge the amount of time you’ll have to spend to finish everything. While it is possible to accomplish the task on your own, it is safer and faster if you call for professional assistance.

Here’s the recommended list of task you must fulfill during these periods:

For Autumn or Fall

  • Aerate & clean up your garden (in preparation for winter)
  • Check up your heating (or fireplace) for damages or safety hazards
  • Seal cracks, gaps, and small openings in your doors and windows
  • Inspect your roofing system for damaged, curled or missing shingles
  • Get rid of dry leaves and other types of debris on your gutter
  • Prep up your plumbing (pipes and drains) for the cold days
  • Inspect electrical outlets and wiring for possible issues or problems

For Springtime

  • Change and clean the air filters of your HVAC
  • Wipe and clean the windows and doors
  • Refinish your deck or porch (in preparation for summer)
  • Vacuum your floors including the sofa
  • Let a professional inspect your home’s pump and septic system
  • Redesign your house that is fit for the upcoming summer season

Maximize the efficiency and functionality of your home with regular home maintenance service. Be sure to take note of the above checklist so you can easily finish off the task that must be done first.

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Ebay Fourth Quarter Outlook Disappoints

The e-commerce giant, eBay, has reported  sales and profit estimates for its fourth quarter that fell short of analysts’ expectations.

Decelerating e-commerce growth

ebay ebayCiting decelerating e-commerce growth in the United States, the company said it expected sales of between $4.5 billion to $4.6 billion for the holiday season.

Analysts were expecting revenue of $4.64 billion

The data raise red flags about what is typically eBay’s successful quarter, when consumers settle online to shop for the holiday season.

“The thing that’s causing us the most angst is what we believe is a dramatically decelerating U.S. e-commerce growth rate from the second quarter,” Chief Financial Officer Bob Swan explained to investors on a conference call after results. “In a relatively short period of time, we’ve seen a pretty rapid deceleration in the market.”

Weaker situations

Ebay says it has seen weaker economic situations in the US. The result of its sales and profit estimates sent shares tumbling as much as 5.4% in extended trading.

The deceleration in sales may stand a turnaround of the online marketplace led by CEO John Donahoe, who has transformed the company from auctions to payments and fixed-price products.

Ebay reported net profit for the third quarter of $689 million, higher by 15% on the same quarter a year ago.

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