Head of Health

May 18, 2017 at 1:00 am

Give Your Health Care Facility an Edge in a Tough Market

A bottle of medication and a pair of glasses on top of a book A high level of competition in the health sector can pose a considerable challenge to your medical facility. As patients become more informed and demanding, you have to adapt to new standards. Otherwise, they will turn to other facilities that offer better services.

You can take proactive measures to retain an edge on the market and grow your client base.

Improve the Bedside Manner

Patients trooping to a medical facility are often plagued with crippling fears, many of which are self-inflicted. In the age of the Internet, it is common for patients to search for information that relates to their symptoms. Inability to distinguish between medical conditions, however, often causes them to draw the wrong conclusions.

As such, your staff members must be in a position to allay such fears and provide the patient with the proper diagnosis. Similarly, the attending staff, including the nurses, should adopt a pleasant air when dealing with patients. That would mean patience, sympathy, and professionalism.

Improve Service Delivery

If running an outpatient unit, you need to keep the waiting times short and comfortable. Time is a rare commodity, and many of your patients would look at your facility favorably if you can attend to them quickly and efficiently. It means having quick access to their health records when making a diagnosis and prescribing medicines.

Dragon speech recognition program, for example, can help improve your record keeping process. Rather than spend hours on end typing away at the computer, an attending physician only needs to speak into a microphone. The software converts the speech into text, with a high degree of accuracy. Such a move improves your record keeping abilities and frees up precious time.

As the competition hits up in the health sectors, you need to keep up and retain your competitive edge. These suggestions can help increase the popularity of your facility.