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September 11, 2017 at 2:09 pm

The Truth about Botox and Why You Shouldn’t Fear It

Doctor holding a medical syringeOf the many different types of cosmetic treatments that have become hugely popular and commonly sought after, Botox injections continue to rank high on the list. Despite its continued rise to stardom though, a lot of people still have misconceptions about them. And a big contributor to this stigma is the lack of awareness on how numerous studies and research have already proven of their many different benefits.

So before you completely disregard the thought of going to a Botox specialist in Salt Lake City, you should familiarize yourself with the facts about this substance first.

It’s all about the dosage.

One of the most commonly feared things about Botox injections is their toxicity. Yes, these injections come from the Botulinum toxin, a poisonous substance. However, it only poses a danger to humans when taken in high dosages. In other words, as long as its administration remains within the right amounts, it will deliver the intended results.

The cosmetic benefits

In minimal doses, Botox injections can rejuvenate and freshen a person’s appearance. The substance’s power to freeze muscle contractions ease the most common signs of aging, minimizing the appearance of creases, fine lines, and sagging among many others.

Going beyond aesthetics

But the strength of Botox goes beyond this; in addition to its cosmetic benefits, studies have also found the same properties it possesses to positively impact other aspects of a person’s health, particularly the muscular system. From conditions such as eye squinting to eyelid spasms, cross eyes to muscle spasms, and even leaky bladders, headaches, and migraines, this substance has proven itself as an effective treatment.

In a nutshell, Botox injections aren't something you should fear, especially with the kind of innovations and advancements that the cosmetic industry has undergone in the past years. As long as you choose the right professional to administer it, you don’t have anything to worry about.