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June 10, 2015 at 3:55 pm

Add-ons: Computer Accessories that Improve Productivity

printerYour PC or laptop alone cannot give you everything. Whether you’re a writer, gamer,student or a professional, you need good computer performance for your everyday activities.You also need additional tools depending on the tasks you need to accomplish.

Although computers already have built in accessories, it is still best to buy enhancements that improve computer performance.


Speakers are useful, especially for gamers and telecommunication experts. Speakers let you enjoy music and games and allow you to have video callswith good audio.

With more people using speakers, manufacturers such as Altec Lansing even develop “everything proof” Bluetooth speakers. For the ultimate listening experience, make sure you have a good portable speaker when travelling.


Though there are different kinds of printers nowadays, choose those that will give you the best quality printing at lower ink prices.Printers let you have a hard copy of documents or photographs.

A printer will not work without consumables, of course. PrintCom says Brother consumables like ink cartridges let your Brother colour printer print up to 250 pages.


Just like printers, scanners make work easier, this time by creating soft copies out of hard copies.Though computers don’t have built-in scanners yet, some printers already have them.

HD Cameras

The problem with built-in cameras is they have low megapixel qualities, giving you low quality images. Separate HD cameras provide high definition images or videos that give you better picture or video quality. Paired with your speakers, you get the best video calls or participate in HD Hangouts if you have good internet speeds.

Your computer lets you do several tasks, but accessories let you print documents or listen to music. Make sure you have the right equipment to have no problems accomplishing your tasks.

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