March 22, 2017 at 2:19 pm

Affordable Home Insulation Techniques

House covered in snowWinter marks the season of increased energy bills, as you make every effort to keep your house warm during the cold season. There are a number of ways to reduce energy consumption, like increasing the quality of your home’s insulation.

How do you insulate your house better?  Leading insulation services expert Premier Insulation BOP states that it is all about finding the right solution to your specific problem. Here are some ways to improve insulation and reduce energy costs.

Invest in quality drapes

One of the ways to maximize your home’s insulation is through investing in heavy and thick drapes. Regular insulation maintenance and services, topped with the use of drapes with thermal lining is not only affordable, but also effective. However, open up your curtains and invite natural light in. It keeps your place well lighted while keeping your room warm.

Cover your chimneys

Cover your chimneys with chimney balloons. Inflating this in your chimney can prevent heat from being lost. Use this even if your fireplace is just for decorative purposes.

Clear your radiators

Make sure your vents and radiators are not covered. Clear out big furniture pieces that block them. There are furniture pieces, like your sofa, that absorb heat. Keeping them away can help heat up the room more effectively.

Keep your timers on

Keeping your heater on 24/7 will not lower your bills. Keeping your timer on would. Have a schedule and keep it on at night when it is the coldest, off when no one is at home, and at a lower temperature during the time of the day when it is not too cold.

Cover your floorings

Using mats, rags and simple cloth can help prevent heat loss. Avoid leaving your floorings bare and open. Aside from your heaters and insulators, your practicality and creativity are what would help keep your home warm during the winter season.

You can do these tips easily, and they are surprisingly affordable. Insulate your house better this winter.