Mind of Money

October 9, 2017 at 9:58 pm

Tips to Secure Your Online Banking Transactions

Padlock iconOnline banking with TAB Bank is a great convenience for every hardworking person out there. It gives you the freedom to handle most of your financial transactions without having to deal with long lines or limited banking hours. As with any other financial transaction, however, you'd still need to put certain security measures in place.

Aside from having a strong password, there are other ways you can safeguard your bank account against scammers. Here are some other measures you can use to safeguard your hard-earned cash:

Activate Two-Factor Authentication

Some banks offer two-factor authentication for its online transactions. This involves the bank sending you a verification code via your phone or any of your other devices. This feature means no one can access your account if they don't also have your device with them.

Be Wary of Fraudulent Emails

Email phishing is one of the most common identity theft scams on the internet. This usually takes on the form of an email formatted to resemble official bank communication. Fraudsters use this technique to ask for your personal information or login details by directing you to a fake login page. If you receive any emails that ask for sensitive information, contact your bank right away to verify if they're the ones who really sent it.

Always Log Out

Once you are done with your transactions, be sure to click the logout button. This will reduce the chances of session hijacking or other cross-site exploits. Don’t wait for the account to log itself out.

Online banking is convenient and safe if you use it the right way. Always ensure that you are working with a reputable bank that cares about your security.