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Amazing Busselton: Three Things Special about It

People on a Whale Watching TripAre you thinking of going to Busselton? Good idea, because there’s more to Western  Australia than Perth. As a prepared visitor, though, it’s important you know more about the regional city. This way, you have a much better idea on what to do and a new sense of appreciation to the former European settlement.

Here are three things you probably don’t know about Busselton:

The city is a participant of a comprehensive health study since 1966.

It’s normal for many studies to last for a few years or even decades, and the Busselton Health Study is one of them. It’s been going on since 1966, and so far, there’s no sign of stopping anytime soon. The research’s origin was noble. One of the few doctors assigned in the area decided to perform studies for health screenings. They could identify the prevalent diseases among the population and determine potential health risks to prevent the illnesses. This eventually produced more than 400 publications.

It’s a great spot for whale watching.

If you want to indulge yourself with some whale watching in Western Australia, Busselton is one of the best places to be. Various species such as the Humpback tend to linger in Geographe Bay in Busselton where they nurse their calves. The best time to visit is from September to December. Whale watching tours such as with All Sea Charters will allow you to observe how these species interact at a closer distance.

It has the longest wooden jetty in the Southern Hemisphere.

Jetties are probably some of the overlooked structures in the world as people are more eager just to leave and explore the seas. It’s not the case in Busselton where its wooden jetty that spans for about 2 kilometres is one of its main attractions. Visitors here can take a train ride, visit the underwater observatory for an up-close look of the thriving coral reefs, or enjoy a guided tour.

Busselton is a charming and thriving city in the Margaret River, but its accomplishments precede everything. With this info, surely, you’ll learn to love the place even more.



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4 Smart Ways to Reduce Commercial Construction Costs

Man working on a concrete construction area
Are you planning to do some commercial space upgrades this year? While you do need a sizeable budget for any store upgrades, there are some ways in which you can limit the overall cost of the project. Here are some ways to save money.

Rent the hardware supplies and tools you need

Instead of buying your hardware supplies, you can simply rent them and save huge money on cost. Of course, there are simple tools you need to have around for quick fixes but for some equipment likes sandblasters and other power tools, don’t brush off the renting option just yet.

Plan the right season to do commercial construction

Normally, commercial construction expenses are more expensive during the summer months. One reason behind the surge is that majority of companies use this time to get ready for the big holiday season sales. And when the demand for construction is high, the cost increases. If you can schedule your commercial construction project during the off-season months, do it. It will help save you on some costs.

Recycle or refurbish what you can

Of course, one of the best ways to reduce your construction costs is to refurbish what you can. For instance, if the original walls of the building have interesting details and rich history, consider maintaining it instead of building over it. Before you dismantle anything, see if you can reuse it in another way or even donate it where it still is of use to others.

Smart Constructions

Consider these tips to help lower your constructions costs, especially if you can’t help but start the project during the high-demand season. Moreover, these tips can also help you allocate your budget to bigger projects like opening a new store in a new location or increasing your workforce to accommodate escalating growth.

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Affordable Home Insulation Techniques

House covered in snowWinter marks the season of increased energy bills, as you make every effort to keep your house warm during the cold season. There are a number of ways to reduce energy consumption, like increasing the quality of your home’s insulation.

How do you insulate your house better?  Leading insulation services expert Premier Insulation BOP states that it is all about finding the right solution to your specific problem. Here are some ways to improve insulation and reduce energy costs.

Invest in quality drapes

One of the ways to maximize your home’s insulation is through investing in heavy and thick drapes. Regular insulation maintenance and services, topped with the use of drapes with thermal lining is not only affordable, but also effective. However, open up your curtains and invite natural light in. It keeps your place well lighted while keeping your room warm.

Cover your chimneys

Cover your chimneys with chimney balloons. Inflating this in your chimney can prevent heat from being lost. Use this even if your fireplace is just for decorative purposes.

Clear your radiators

Make sure your vents and radiators are not covered. Clear out big furniture pieces that block them. There are furniture pieces, like your sofa, that absorb heat. Keeping them away can help heat up the room more effectively.

Keep your timers on

Keeping your heater on 24/7 will not lower your bills. Keeping your timer on would. Have a schedule and keep it on at night when it is the coldest, off when no one is at home, and at a lower temperature during the time of the day when it is not too cold.

Cover your floorings

Using mats, rags and simple cloth can help prevent heat loss. Avoid leaving your floorings bare and open. Aside from your heaters and insulators, your practicality and creativity are what would help keep your home warm during the winter season.

You can do these tips easily, and they are surprisingly affordable. Insulate your house better this winter.

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