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Spelling Not Being Taught In Schools, Says Author

Tracy Beaker author Dame Jacqueline Wilson says schoolchildren from overseas have better English language skills than their British counterparts.

jacqueline-wilsonWilson told The Independent that her fans from Eastern Europe, Spain, and Portugal all had better spelling and grammar than British children. She receives hundreds of fan letters each week from across the globe.

The best-selling author said that her foreign fans are writing in English, and apologizing for their English, yet the letters “will be more grammatical and spelt more properly than those from our own children. It’s quite extraordinary.”

“Spelling doesn’t seem to be something that happens [at school]. I don’t think it is being taught, “added the writer. Dame Jacqueline is one of Britain’s most popular writers thanks to the success of her breakthrough novel The Story of Tracy Beaker in 1991.

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The Best Scenic Road Trips For The Summer

Summer is usually the best time for family road trips, when the kids have school off and parents only have a few things to worry about. Road trips are a great time for families to bond and have a good time, and America is one of the best places in the world to explore by car.

For a lot of people, this means going down country roads at interstate-highway speed. For those planning to hit the road, here are some summer road-trip routes that can take you away from the busy city and into a more relaxing state of mind.

OregonCoastOregon Coast

It will be hard to try and pinpoint one section of the coast as the best. Cruise down Highway 101, running from Oregon’s northern border to its southern end and hugging the shoreline form most of the way.

The often-winding roads are lined with a string of well-tended state parks, with each offering a different combination of hikes, tide pools, giant trees, sandy beaches, and even surfing.

Check the rest of the list on Yahoo!.

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Coffee With Apple CEO Up For Auction

Charitybuzz is auctioning an hour with tech giant’s chief executive for charity. Already standing at $180,000, proceeds are going to the Robert F Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights. This makes Cook the latest participant in an ongoing series of “time auctions” to bring benefits from celebrities.

With Cook’s time seen as so precious and interaction with him so potentially valuable, bids on the auction have ramped up rapidly. Though the bidders do not have to give real names, they seem already to include executives from rival companies.

apple-inc-tim-cookCook’s auction has the chance to rival or even beat the current record on Charitybuzz, where someone paid $255,000 to shadow former president Bill Clinton for a day. It will be hard, however, to match the $3.46m paid by a group of investors in 2012 for lunch with the financier Warren Buffett, who has been auctioning the chance to lunch with him since 2000.

Who will win this auction and what exactly does he have to gain from the coffee? Find out more from The Guardian’s Charles Arthur.

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