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Caring for Yourself Even with a Limited Budget

Smiling and happy womanAdvocates of mental health keep telling you to practice self-care, but companies have started to make it an expensive routine to do. While you would have been happy with a long bath at home, spas make you believe booking an appointment with them is the right way to do it. But that's where they're wrong. There is no form of self-care that is bad, as long as it gives you the intended results. 

When you're on a budget, these will work just as well as maxing out your credit cards: 

Get Yourself a Custom Item 

Don't think lavish and expensive just yet. There are custom jewelry or writing paraphernalia in Salt Lake City offered at reasonable costs by businesses like aaajewelryutah.com. There's something fulfilling about seeing your name or initials on your things. You'll smile every time you remember that that bracelet you got for yourself is unique. 

Save and Splurge

Don't go bankrupt trying to live in luxury when you can't afford it. However, this doesn't mean depriving yourself of the little joys of life. Packing your lunch for two days can save you enough for a meal at a good restaurant. Save this for a challenging day when you need to be pampered and treated like royalty. Pack your lunches four work days out of five and you can even bring a friend along when you dine out.

Spend Time Alone

It's not always the expensive clothes or the company that make you happy. If you prefer staying in with a good book or movie instead of socializing over drinks, that's fine. Time is something you can't take back, and often you may feel like you don't have enough of it. Disconnect from everyone to decompress from time to time. 

Who said you need to spend too much just to feel like you're caring for yourself? Find something that makes you happy and work smart for it. 

May 22, 2018 at 1:00 amLifestyle

Buying a Business: A Guide for First-timers

business brokerage serviceThere are many good reasons people invest and buy an existing business rather than building a new one from scratch. For one, you do not need to find equipment and materials to get the business running. Sometimes, even workers are included in the package. Also, building a reputation and business name won’t be as hard as starting from scratch.

But, like other huge purchases, buying a business in Utah or in any other parts of the country is something that cannot be done overnight. It’s important to know the right things to make the purchase a wise and worthy one.

Know what type of business you want

Before buying a business, it’s important to first know what type of business you want. This can help you get into something that you’re truly passionate about and would make it easier for you to handle.

Know the competitors

Survey the area and know the competitors you would be up against if you decide to buy the business. This can give you a better picture of whether it is a wise purchase or not.

Know the price

Shop for businesses for sale. That way, you would know the market price and value and what to expect upon closing a transaction.

Know the reason for selling

This will tell a lot about the business history and its trajectory. A business that’s sold because the owner wants to retire is something worth buying as compared to one that’s sold because of internal problems or bankruptcy.

Know who will be your broker

Choose a business broker who can help with your transactions. Their role in the successful purchase of your business is integral as one wrong move in the paperwork can cause future problems to arise.

With these points in your head, buying a business can now be a lot easier. All the best in being a businessman.

May 11, 2018 at 6:25 pmBusiness Electronica

Why Canadian SMEs Need to Invest More in Digital Marketing

digital marketing flashed on a laptopMany companies today have turned to online marketing as a staple part of their business expansion and development plan, which have been the norm for many small- and medium-sized businesses in Canada.

If you’re looking for SEO services in Ottawa or Toronto, many companies offer them along with other solutions such as social media management and website design.

Keeping Up with Trends

SMEs need to rethink their digital strategies for this year and focus more on mobile, email, social media, video and influencer marketing campaigns. Mobile marketing, in particular, has the potential to be a major source of leads since most people now use a smartphone.

In fact, an industry survey showed that almost 60% of phone users are unlikely to recommend your business if your website is not mobile-friendly. Social media serves as another gold mine that even companies in the financial sector, including mortgage lenders, are now using it as a marketing tool.

Online Shopping

SMEs in the retail sector are likely the businesses that need to invest in digital marketing more than any other industry. Canadians are increasingly becoming more accustomed to online shopping, which affects sales from physical stores.

Experts said that retailers could no longer ignore the ecommerce trend, especially since online retail would only continue to accelerate in 2018. The expansion would partly stem from major ecommerce companies that plan to launch new devices.

These include Amazon’s Echo smart speakers, which would allow users to tell what they want to order online instead of clicking icons on their phones.

While online marketing presents an opportunity to expand your business, it may be wise to outsource it to a third-party service provider. By doing so, you may save on costs and get a better value for your money. What is your business strategy for this year?

May 7, 2018 at 1:07 pmThe Marketing Section