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Never Attempt to Bang Your Head Newer Glass Your Head may Break, not the Glass

It’s easy to lose yourself in a pool party, no doubt. With booze and a couple of super gung-ho friends, you’d be horsing around in no time. Still, if you’re too drunk that you would bang your head that glass perimeter around the pool, hold that thought. Reinforced glass is strong enough to stand a rock thrown its way. Certainly, you don’t want to make a fool of yourself ending with blood all over your head.

Don’t belittle glass. Though we have seen many times how the glass of water would break in a moment’s notice if dropped to the floor or our car’s window shields broken by a baseball thrown its way, glass can be super-strong. Scientists have even created glass even stronger than steel.

The Practicality of BeautyGlass Fence in Australia

Take that glass pool fencing. Due to the rise of swimming pool incidents that has invariably involved toddlers, pool fencing has become a necessity in many parts of the world, Australia including.

Using glass panels give you a completely unobstructed view of what’s going on in that pool. This means you could be on the other side of the fence sipping coffee and still monitor your children playing on the water, Clear az Glass explains.

Because of its inherent beauty, frameless glass fencing has caught on in many homes in major cities of the Land Down Under, including Perth. After all, the fourth most populous city in Australia is no stranger to swimming pool accidents.

Approaching the Indestructible

Now, regarding that head butt to the pool, let’s do a reality check. Glass pool fences hitherto used tempered glass, known to be four to five times stronger than ordinary glass. A hundred-kilogram weight applied to such glass is no problem for tempered glass.

For thieves or people who just want to break glass, your days are numbered. The Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory has created shatterproof glass, even stronger than steel. Imagine banging your head on a material even tougher than steel – you’re more than welcome to try.

Gone are the days when glass is even more fragile than an eggshell. These days, you would first break your head like an egg when you try to hit it!

July 31, 2015 at 8:15 amBrain Serve

Glass Splashback Installation is the Better Alternative to Tiles for Your Kitchen

Do you want to rid your kitchen of unsightly grout lines once and for all? Perhaps it is time to explore new alternatives.

When you’ve made up your mind that you want brighter and cleaner kitchen counters, look into fixtures known as glass splashbacks. Before you get a set for your kitchen, however, here is a short introduction about these popular glass installations:

Cleaner and Better Looking

kitchenThese days, many Aussie households choose to transform their kitchen with a continuous sheet of coloured glass.

You may not be familiar with the term “splashback”, but you have probably seen installations in office pantries or maybe at a friend’s flat. Splashbacks are eye-catching, but the main reason people choose them over tiles is that they are more hygienic. Mildew and mould can’t take hold on the surface, and you won’t have to brush and scrub furiously to clean them. Some suppliers, such as PerthCityGlass.com.au, also offer heat-resistant versions of these modern kitchen panels.

Versatile and Budget-Friendly

When you see elegant and sophisticated samples of splashbacks, you might think that they expensive or that their applications are limited. On the contrary, they are actually affordable and versatile.

Aside from the fact that they improve kitchen sanitation, they also brighten up the room. That is, if you choose a colour that reflects light and complements the interior paint. In terms of colour, the possibilities are endless.

Meanwhile, if you’re concerned about breakage or want to ensure that the glass is kid-friendly, you may opt for a thicker product, such as 19mm panels, which are definitely tougher than the usual thickness of 4-6mm.

Installation Requirements

Glass splashbacks may be installed in any smooth surface, including concrete, cement sheets, or plasterboard. With the right kind of adhesive, the panels readily stick to any smooth and protrusion-free surface. Screws may also be drilled into the wall to fix the panels.

Many competent glass splashback installation and repair companies usually offer full service packages. Find a company that offers customisation services if your intention is to create a unique look.

July 29, 2015 at 2:50 amBrain Serve

The Travelling Bedbug: Home from Vacation? You May Have Unlikely Hitchhikers

Parasitic PassengersBed bugs are just among the creepy crawlies that may be infesting your bed right now. These parasitic insects are infamous for feeding on your blood while you sleep soundly, and unlike the classier vampire, they don’t exactly look appealing when they’re doing it.

But, where exactly do these annoying arthropods come from? Being flightless, they can’t exactly move around as easily and they usually need help to travel around. You may not know it, but that suitcase you brought from vacation or a business trip may be harboring some unlikely hitchhikers.

Parasitic Passengers

Apart from biting you when you’re asleep, bedbugs are also notoriously good hitchhikers. While they aren’t strong enough to cling on to your skin when you’re moving, many exterminators in the West Valley that specialize in bed bug control, such as a1bug.com, note that they may accidentally get into your belongings when they are off looking for food. This usually happens at night when they are most active, so it is possible to transport them without you knowing. Whether you’re coming home from work or a long vacation, the possibility of even one bedbug stowing away in your bag is very high.

It is important to note that you can get bedbugs pretty much anywhere, regardless if the property is super clean or downright dirty. Even a place as sanitized as a hospital can be harboring bedbugs, a testament to how widespread they are.

Preventive Measures

If you just arrived at the hotel, it’s a good idea to search the mattress and check if there are bedbugs. Telltale signs include red and rusty colored stains on the furniture as well as cast-off skin from the bugs themselves. If you notice black spots on the walls and sides of furniture, these are their waste products, and is a good sign that there’s more than just a few of them living in the bed. Avoid placing your bag onto the bed itself; instead, place it on a rack and call the hotel’s staff to alert them that there are bedbugs in your room.

To reduce the likelihood of bedbugs creeping into your home when you get back, avoid unpacking them inside your home. Instead, unpack them in your garage and wash the clothes immediately. If you want to play it safe, you may also disinfect your luggage to take care of that may be hiding in the dark corners of your bag. Lastly, you might also want to call an exterminator to get rid of them if you feel that they may have already infested your home. While you can’t get sick from being bitten by a bedbug, you might get an allergic reaction from their bite and the waste they leave can get out of hand.

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