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Study Suggests ‘Incompetence’ Causes Aggression From Video Games

A new study suggests that aggressive behavior can be linked to the gameplay of a certain title, rather than the traditional notion of violent content being the major cause.

Non-violent Half-Life 2, anyone?

gamersIn a collaboration between the Oxford Internet Institute and the University of Rochester, the researchers conducted an experiment that yielded this conclusion.

Modifying the famous shooting game Half-Life 2, the researchers created a complicated, non-violent version of the game. Respondents were divided into two groups – one of which was taught the new controls of the game, while the other had to figure out the commands on their own.

The researchers found out that the group that did not learn the controls was far more aggressive than the other.

Feeling of incompetence

“The study is not saying that violent content doesn’t affect gamers, but our research suggests that people are not drawn to playing violent games in order to feel aggressive. Rather, the aggression stems from feeling not in control or incompetent while playing,”said Oxford’s Dr. Andrew Pryzbylski.

“If the structure of a game or the design of the controls thwarts enjoyment, it is this – not the violent content – that seems to drive feelings of aggression,” added Pryzbylski.



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Wedding Preparations: Don’t be a Bridezilla

weddingPlanning a wedding is fun and exciting, but it can be overwhelming too. You don’t have to turn into a bridezilla, though, to organise an unforgettable wedding.

Here are some stress-free ways to plan your wedding:

Twelve to sixteen months before the big day

Start building a wedding binder and collect wedding concepts from different sources. This isn’t the time (at least not yet) to zone in on one theme and start working on the specifics of the wedding. Look into different ideas for wedding invitations, dresses, and reception designs.

Nine to twelve months before your wedding

This is the time to work on a theme and make reservations. When selecting a theme, consider factors such as how difficult it will be to achieve it. Will you need a planner or is your wedding theme simple enough to plan on your own?

Create a wedding checklist. Write everything you need to do from creating a guest list to finalising the concept of your wedding invitation.

Look at possible places for the ceremony and reception. It’s ideal to book these places nine to twelve months before the event, as it may be difficult to get them on the date that you want. Before looking for a reception, make sure you’ve decided on the number of guests you’re going to invite.

Six to eight months before you say “I do”

Look for photographers and videographers. If the venue doesn’t offer catering services, it’s best to start looking for options at this time. This is also the period when you start deciding on your wedding dress and the dresses of your entourage.

Three to five months before the event

This is the part where you look into the littlest details of your wedding and make follow-ups on invitations and other wedding suppliers. On the third month, everything should be ready. You should reserve the last two months for sending out invitations and relaxing. Remember, you need more than just a night of beauty rest to look fabulous on your big day.

The key to preparing a wedding is to follow your wedding planning schedule strictly. A year and a half may seem too far into the future, but putting things off will only lead to unnecessary stress.



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3 Secrets to Creating an Enriched Learning Environment at Home

Do not limit learning to the four corners of the classroom if you want your little ones to be stellar students. The skills they are learning at school are important to their intellectual and social growth, but your kids need your help to open up the world of ideas. Their renewed joy in discovery will transfer to their schoolwork, helping them boost academic achievement as well.

There is no simple formula for motivating your kids to study hard. But before you look for the best nursery in Derby, here are some parenting tips to get your kids open up their minds to new ideas.

Make Your Home an Environment for Learning

nursery school

Your home is a major influence on how well your kids do in nursery. A stable home filled with love serves as a good foundation for getting good grades. Start instilling a love for learning in your kids at a very young age. Set a good example by watching news programs or educational videos, and reading books. You can’t expect your kids to want to learn if all you do is sit on the sofa and binge watch on crappy telly.

Supply Brain Food

Serve healthy meals and snacks to create a positive learning environment at home. During the first five years of your kids’ life, their brain is growing quickly. This is why you have to ensure your pre-schoolers get plenty of omega-3 essential fatty acids, antioxidants and complex carbohydrates. These nutrients protect the brain cells, and improve brain development and memory function.

Be Organised So They will Follow

Organised pre-schoolers find it easier to succeed in their nursery school classes than those who are not. Being a role model is the best way to teach organisational skills. Show them how to use organisational tools, such as shelves, pencil cases and calendars.

Motivation is the secret to helping your kids develop their greatest potential, and these parenting tips are a great way to start.



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