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4 Ways of Preserving Your Carpet

carpet cleaningWhen coming in inside a house for the first time, most people tend to notice the flooring before the windows and furnishings. Installing a carpet is one way to enhance the appearance of your home. This comes in different styles and colors, matching the theme of the walls and furniture.

This type of interior flooring provides a few more benefits, apart from the aesthetics. Experts, however, advise Sandy homeowners to clean their carpet regularly to ensure maximum functionality. Carpets are prone to dirt and bacteria, thus it must be maintained spotless to prevent diseases from emerging.

Vacuum the Carpet Regularly

People coming into your house may bring soil from outside through their footwear. With frequent vacuuming, you can remove dirt particles even before it accumulates and embeds on the pile. Cleaning your carpet flooring can lengthen its lifespan and maintain its appearance, durability, and comfort. This helps you avoid a few health risks associated with air pollutants.

Remove Stain ASAP

Act on stains right away. The moment sauces and beverages spoil on the floor, damp it with a rag immediately. Avoid spreading the puddle, though. Don’t let it dry because germs and odor tend to grow faster if it is left untreated. You can also use wet vacuum cleaners or carpet stain removal substances. These are all available in the market. As much as possible, don’t sprinkle water to avoid wearing.

Cut Snags, Not Pull

Most carpets are made of wool, which are prone to runs. Don’t pull these sprouts with your bare hands, as it may just cause more damage. A damaged carpet is unsightly, so snip it with a pair of scissors instead. Don’t leave it because once it gets hooked onto something, it may initiate contact or pull it.

Call In the Professionals

When all else fails, the experts won’t. If the damage is too much or you just don’t have to means to clean your carpet, hiring professional services from renowned companies can be your best choice. They have the essential skills and knowledge to clean and maintain your carpet flooring. For best results, these experts advise to seek professional cleaning at least every 12 to 18 months.

Treat your carpet like how you would treat your sofa. As this flooring is susceptible to bacteria and dirt, be sure to maintain it to make use of its benefits and function. Regular cleaning and maintenance is an effective way of preserving your carpet.

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The Truth about UV Rays

UV RaysWhen thinking about sun exposure, you certainly visualise yourself on the beach or outdoor. Conversely, a number of people receive a large portion of their sun exposure when they do not realise it.

Research has proven that skin continues to get exposed to the sun even when you are inside your house or car. Industry veteran A&I Coatings suggests that you take precautionary measures such as application of UV cured coatings in your home to keep you and your family safe from the harmful effects of sun exposure.

Common Myths about UV exposure

People think they already know everything about the harmful effects of UV rays, but there are several misconceptions about it. The following are sun exposure myths debunked to help you find out the truth:

Myth: You cannot get sunburnt on cloudy, windy or cool days.

Truth: Clouds do not block the sun’s UV radiation, though there is no visible light. Up to 80 percent of solar UV radiation can penetrate the thin cloud cover. Broken clouds even enhance UV radiation by reflection from their sides.

Myth: The higher the SPF, the stronger it protects the skin.

Fact: No matter what your sunscreen’s SPF number is, the effect is just the same. SPF only indicates how long it takes before the skin reddens when the lotion already takes off. For example, SPF 15 means it takes 15 minutes longer for the skin to redden if you do not reapply the lotion. Be sure to reapply it every two hours to stay protected.

Myth: You will not get sunburn if you do not feel the hot rays.

Fact: The heating effect is caused by the sun’s infrared radiation, and not by UV radiation. Therefore, even if you feel warm, your skin can still burn.
The danger is strongest during those seemingly innocent sunny days of summer. So when you go out in the sun, be keen. Stay protected wherever you are.

September 13, 2014 at 5:07 amiTech Services

AC Mitigation: A Solution to Stray Current-exposed Pipelines

electric pipelineElectricity, metal, and water do not go well with each other. Metal and water are considered to be great conductors of electric current, making these dangerous to come in bare contact with if electricity is present. There are many ways an electric current affects a human body.

When pipelines get across with power lines, it creates safety risks and hazards on the property where the elements meet. This creates electrical interference due to electromagnetic, capacitive, inductive, and conductive effects. According to industry solution providers, AC mitigation is one way to solve this problem.

How AC Mitigation Works

This solution reduces the prompted level of electricity in the system when installed and maintained suitably. This is achieved by attaching grounding rods to the pipelines along with coupling minimizers to isolate the direct current and linear zinc ribbon. AC mitigation is designed to arrest and dissolve high-induced alternating currents using a custom-made conductor.

Benefits of Utilizing AC Mitigation

All problems worsen when not solved immediately. You can save yourself and your assets by employing the solution for stray current-exposed pipelines as soon as you notice any troubling sign. This can provide both operational and financial benefits while helping to keep the assets secured and safe.

The experts who will implement the AC mitigation task will reduce the personnel hazards and corrosion in the pipelines and ensure overall safety using high-performance conductors. This protective mechanism safeguards a defined utility corridor where the pipes pass through and generate electric fields.

An effective current solution lengthens the lifespan of the pipelines to more than 30 years. This allows you to save up on replacement expenses. As you won’t have to replace it for a long time, you can generally prevent paying for the installation of another piping system and high energy costs.

Strategically placing your pipelines far from HVAC transmission can help you prevent this problem. It is advisable to check on your assets regularly.

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