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3 Main Benefits of Joining a Credit Union

Credit Card UnionCredit unions are well known for having lower fees than banks due to its non-profit nature. There are no stockholders to watch over your ROI, and it is mandated to serve its members without the capitalistic end.

Credit unions in Fort Worth, Texas are not as many as banks and other financial institutions, so it would be easier to compare. If you are interested in seeking loan or savings services from one, check out some of its major benefits.

Better interest rates

Apart from cheaper fees, credit unions have better interest rates than banks and financial institutions. Since it is member-owned, it allows for higher rates of return on savings and lower loan interest rates. With no profitability objective, a credit union can direct surplus money to its members through fewer fees, lower rates, and higher dividends.

Easier to join

To join a credit union, you only need to ask a family member, a neighbor, or your employer. The process is straightforward with low minimum balance requirements. Technically, the only standard requirement is that you live in the area.

Credit unions offer the same services as banks. However, they are more accessible on all levels. Since they are small and local, they easily connect with the community.

Democratic and inclusive

Management-wise, credit union members elect their board of directors voluntarily. The members have a voice in who they want to lead. Essentially member-run, they are free to make decisions for everyone’s benefit, not please a group of stockholders or executives. Inclusivity is also apparent in credit unions as family members of union members can join.

Credit unions are socially inclined institutions that operate in a system where profit is not the overriding objective. It serves a community where everyone is close by. If convenience is a factor for saving money or making a loan, a credit union is the right choice.

July 31, 2018 at 8:54 pmMind of Money

What You Need to Know Before You Apply for a Home Loan

Loan Application FormIt is great to have your own home while you are still young. You don’t need to wait until after you get married to have your residence. Having a home means a lot to most people, and it gives a person credibility and good standing in the community.

However, there are things you have to do first before applying for a home loan in Lake Oswego. These include computing for your finances, and paying off some of your existing loans.

How to Qualify

A mortgage is a loan on the house. As such, it has to be repaid within the term of the mortgage. The monthly mortgage payment can be computed beforehand and this amount is compared with how much a person can afford to pay. The clincher in this equation is computing for the affordable monthly payment.

Typically, this is 25% of the monthly take-home pay, less any monthly payment on existing loans. This is an essential factor which lenders would look at to determine how much of a mortgage you can afford, hence how much of a house you can afford.

Other Requirements

Aside from the monthly income and the total monthly debt payments for auto loans, student loans and credit card payments, it is also essential to know the person’s credit score. On top of that, it would also help if the person has cash which can be used as a downpayment for the house. All of the above data is used to calculate how much house is affordable.

All mortgage lenders rely heavily on the credit score. Having a good credit score gives a person a bigger chance of getting a loan. The downpayment amount is free cash available to the borrower, which could be cash savings of some form, or an asset which can be disposed of on short notice. Buying a home requires a down payment which is considered as participation by the borrower on the house and loan.

The price of the house, less the down payment is the amount of mortgage required. The monthly mortgage payment depends on the total loan taken out. A smaller house equates to a smaller loan and more affordable monthly payments.

Buying a home requires a taking out a mortgage, and for borrowers, they have to take stock of their cash for a down payment, and how much they can afford in monthly mortgage payments.

July 25, 2018 at 11:11 amStudy Section

Here are Ways to Improve Your Local SEO Strategy

SEO Flashed on Computer MonitorMany experts agree that to maximize the potential of a campaign, a company must take a clearly defined and specific approach. Local search engine optimization or SEO makes this possible. You can focus your attention on your neighborhood or region and filter out longshot markets.

Experts on local SEO for businesses in Denver cite the following tactics that can improve your campaigns.

Get Quality Reviews

A survey conducted by BrightLocal mentioned that 97% of their respondents read reviews for local companies, with 85% trusting what they read and even putting them in the same category as a personal recommendation. With these numbers in mind, it’s important to solicit reviews and post them on your business page or pages within your website.

Use different platforms for publishing both positive and negative reviews. Sites such as Google My Business, Facebook and others can help with this strategy. Respond to each review, regardless of its content, and monitor social mentions of your brand.

Direct Traffic to Local Pages

An optimized and heavy traffic homepage is a good thing. However, you also want your other localized pages to get the same amount of attention. Direct visitors to a place they would want to be in; funnel them to a page that has the information, products or services they are looking for or solves their immediate problems. Make the mentioned recommendations above possible by streamlining your pages’ layout and navigation.

Optimize Meta Descriptions and Titles

These are still important to the success of your campaigns. These elements reflect and provide a summary of the content of a page whenever the results appear after a query. Make the descriptions and titles catchy and descriptive enough to warrant a click from a user. Some best practices include removal of page names and use of relevant titles. Also, avoid duplication and don’t stuff keywords.

These are only some of the ways to improve the effectiveness of your local SEO campaigns. Implement these to gain an edge and get ahead of your competitors.

July 23, 2018 at 2:53 amThe Marketing Section