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July 23, 2015 at 12:48 pm

Hide & Seek: Top Places Where Bacteria Hide in Your Home

An article on the Daily Mail Online revealed that an average home has approximately 8,000 different types of bacteria and bugs. This is alarming, knowing that the house should be one of the safest places to stay. Researchers noted that these could trigger health conditions like allergies, heart disease and stroke if not resolved immediately.

Bacteria, bugs, dirt and dust are everywhere and it is up to you to remove them from your home. Here are some of the most common places they hide:

  1. Bromley carpet cleaning servicesCarpets and Area Rugs – Make sure that your carpet and area rugs are clean before sitting and rolling on the floor, as you do not know what could be hiding in the fabric. noted that Bromley carpet cleaning services are ready for the job, so there is no excuse for homeowners to skip cleaning their carpets regularly.
  2. Window Treatments – Curtains, drapes, shutters and window blinds are all possible hiding places. Whether they are made of fabric or not, they still stay indoors most of the time. This gives bacteria the chance to breed without being disturbed. The amount of dirt is even worse if you left the windows open for the whole day. Clean your window treatments at least once a week using a vacuum or chuck them into the washing machine.
  3. Mattresses, Pillows and Comforters – Everything on your bed — or the bed itself — can be a breeding ground for unwanted guests. The heat of your body and your sweat help create a moist environment that encourages dust mites to breed. Brand-new pillows can double their weight in three years because of the build-up of dust mite remains. Wash your beddings and if possible, replace the mattress every five to 10 years.

Keep bacteria, dust, dirt and bugs away from every corner of your home. Know where they hide and clean the possible places they can breed to prevent them from triggering any health condition.

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