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October 9, 2017 at 5:00 pm

5 Tips to Starting a Barbershop

BarberIf you’re passionate about hairstyling, you may be thinking of starting your own barbershop. This is a big decision. The great news is everyone needs a regular haircut, so your business will still thrive even in the worst economic times. But it’s a competitive industry, so you need to do things right to stand out.

Here are some tips to help you out:

Get a barber’s license

Like all business owners, you’re going to need a permit to operate a barbershop. Enroll in a Utah beauty school that meets all the state’s requirements. Once you get the necessary training and accreditation, apply for a barber’s license so you can stay compliant.

Set a budget

Learn the startup costs for your business, and then set a budget. Make sure you have adequate money to cover the expenses on lease, supplies, labor, and equipment. Unless you can handle the costs on your own, you may need to apply for a loan as early as possible.

Find a good location

Successful entrepreneurs know that the location of a business determines whether a startup will succeed or fail. So take the time to find an ideal place for your barbershop. A location with high traffic and less competition, for instance, would be perfect.

Buy equipment and supplies

Depending on the size of your barbershop and the number of personnel you want to employ, make a list of all the equipment and supplies you’ll need. These may include chairs, cabinets, dryers, hair and beauty products, floor mats, disinfectant, and so on.

Market your business

As you start out, you’ll need to get word out about your business. Create a website for your barbershop, print fliers, get on social media and Google listings, and place a large, attractive sign outside your shop.

A good barbershop can be a lucrative business. The secret is doing your homework about what you need to do to stand out and learn how to manage your startup properly.