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How Pros Grow Their Business, Explained In 3 Ways

Businessmen Shaking HandsIt’s an achievement for every business to be able to afford opening another branch. It shows that they’ve been successful in acquiring profits, and the customers keep coming — even if they need a business loan to finance their operations.

Still, a new branch doesn’t mean the old one won’t get prioritized anymore — business owners need to attend to all branches, in case they need some repairs or new equipment. Here’s a closer look at how to manage a business and its branches.

1. Constructing a New Site

In constructing a new site or branch, business owners would need to spend on a team of engineers, architects, interior designers, and construction workers.

The cost of such a project would normally reach hundreds of thousands to a million, depending on the size of the building or its location. For example, a two-story restaurant would be a significant investment, especially if they’re in a prime commercial location.

2. Getting New Supplies

Business leaders normally have to purchase new supplies and equipment whenever there’s a new branch, or if the equipment in the current branch isn’t functioning anymore.

A lending company could help in these aspects through granting loans to restaurateurs or store owners who lack funds to buy new supplies.

3. Doing Repairs and Maintenance

Lastly, having repairs and maintenance checks on all branches or sites of the business ensures that hidden faults are detected and corrected. For example, a malfunctioning AC in a spa or salon needs to be dealt with right away.

A large-scale repair project would require significant funds, which could be solved by business loans. Doing this would ensure that everything is working fine, and any malfunctions don’t hinder the business.

There are steps that entrepreneurs have to take if they want to run their businesses successfully. For example, you should know what to do about getting a new site constructed, purchasing new supplies, and doing repairs. This is where lending groups come in, which could provide loans to business owners.

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Why Canadian SMEs Need to Invest More in Digital Marketing

digital marketing flashed on a laptopMany companies today have turned to online marketing as a staple part of their business expansion and development plan, which have been the norm for many small- and medium-sized businesses in Canada.

If you’re looking for SEO services in Ottawa or Toronto, many companies offer them along with other solutions such as social media management and website design.

Keeping Up with Trends

SMEs need to rethink their digital strategies for this year and focus more on mobile, email, social media, video and influencer marketing campaigns. Mobile marketing, in particular, has the potential to be a major source of leads since most people now use a smartphone.

In fact, an industry survey showed that almost 60% of phone users are unlikely to recommend your business if your website is not mobile-friendly. Social media serves as another gold mine that even companies in the financial sector, including mortgage lenders, are now using it as a marketing tool.

Online Shopping

SMEs in the retail sector are likely the businesses that need to invest in digital marketing more than any other industry. Canadians are increasingly becoming more accustomed to online shopping, which affects sales from physical stores.

Experts said that retailers could no longer ignore the ecommerce trend, especially since online retail would only continue to accelerate in 2018. The expansion would partly stem from major ecommerce companies that plan to launch new devices.

These include Amazon’s Echo smart speakers, which would allow users to tell what they want to order online instead of clicking icons on their phones.

While online marketing presents an opportunity to expand your business, it may be wise to outsource it to a third-party service provider. By doing so, you may save on costs and get a better value for your money. What is your business strategy for this year?

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4 Social Media Management Tools You should Have in 2018

Social Media in a sticky noteWhether you are running a small or big business, having an effective social media management strategy is a huge advantage. This gives you an opportunity to increase brand awareness, build and expand your network and improve your customer service.

At some point, you might consider using different social media platforms to promote your business in Canberra. This is a good move for start-ups and growing companies that want to reach the next level. If you are considering this option, you need the best social media management tools to keep you updated.

Here are some of them:


This tool is essential for businesses using Instagram as their main social media channel. The main feature of this tool is it allows you to send automated likes and comments to your target users within a specific demographic. Instagram marketers use this strategy to entice other users to visit their account, which improves brand awareness and drives followers.


Buffer is among the most popular publication tools used by social media marketers. It allows you to schedule your daily posts across all your social media accounts. By default, this tool will recommend the best posting time according to certain peak engagement, but you can always customise the date and time. Buffer’s main features include post composer, custom post schedule and post statistics.


This data analytics tool is best for Instagram users. It enables you to analyse follower engagement and growth by gathering relevant data, such as post-peak time, popular content, and your audience’s behaviour. Use this tool to improve your content marketing.

Sprout Social

For businesses requiring an enterprise-level social media solution, Sprout Social should be on top of the list. This is among the most advanced social media management tools, as it connects you to the major social networks. It likewise features comprehensive data analytics and content publishing tool for all your social media accounts.

Investing in these tools is a good decision, as they can help improve your marketing strategies and increase your chances of gaining success. Work with a reputable provider of digital marketing solutions today. They can help you analyse the data gathered from those tools.

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