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Caregiver Advice: Dealing with Wandering Dementia Patients

Elderly Woman with a CaregiverDementia is a health concern affecting not just the patient, but also their families. According to statistics, one in six will have dementia. As dementia sets in and affects the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of patients, it’s a huge challenge for many caregivers to give holistic support.

One of the common challenges caregivers face is wandering relatives. You’re probably one of the million caregivers who endured sleepless nights, anxious and afraid for your aging loved ones, but there are ways you can ensure their safety and health.

Wondering about Wandering

For first-time caregivers, the first episodes of loved ones’ wandering may appear a mystery. But the underlying reason for their behavior is in their mind; they wanted to feel secure and safe.

You probably notice your wandering relatives reverting to old routines. For instance, they may go to their old workplace or their childhood home. They do this precisely because it’s what they’ve regularly been doing in the past or it’s what feels familiar to them.

Old habits offer that feeling of security and safety. This is why many families get the help of senior home health care services; in Pawleys Island caregivers ensure not just the physical safety of dementia patients, but also that needed emotional security.

What to do About Wandering

There are many interventions you can practice as the caregiver. The most basic is to secure your home, making sure that locks on your doors and windows can’t be easily opened. You may also want to install home alarms or motion detectors.

Communication is also important. Talk to your loved one, especially when they feel lost and confused. It’s tempting to dismiss their repetitive requests of “going to work,” but it’s important to calm them down and reassure them that they are safe and secure.

By constantly communicating with them, you’re also able to understand their needs better. Sometimes, patients get irritable simply because they’re hungry or thirsty.

Dealing with a wandering dementia patient is a huge challenge. But through different interventions and with the help of experts, you can have that peace of mind and ensure the safety of aging loved ones.

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