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Common Questions About Cosmetic Dentistry

a woman at the dentistCosmetic dentistry has made a breakthrough in recent years and is rising in popularity due to its endorsement by many celebrities. In this area of dentistry, treatments are done in order to improve a patient’s smile and the way they feel about their teeth and gums. A cosmetic dentist should seek to get the best results in terms of functionality, aesthetics and oral health.

Unlike a general dentist, who focuses on prevention, a cosmetic dentist in Harley Street is specifically trained to provide oral improvements for cosmetic reasons. The goal of cosmetic dental treatments is to boost a patient’s confidence and make the best of their smile. However, a cosmetic dentist in Harley Street, such as Harley Street Dental Clinic, is also preoccupied with oral health and functionality. After all, aesthetics and function should always be combined for a beautiful smile.

Which are the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedures?

The type of cosmetic treatment that is suitable for each person depends on a number of factors, the most important of which include the state of their teeth, their overall cosmetic goals and their budget. Popular cosmetic treatments include teeth whitening, dental veneers, tooth-coloured fillings, composite bonding, dental crowns and cosmetic braces. These treatments can be used on their own or combined by a cosmetic dentist in Harley Street for a complete makeover.

Are cosmetic treatments more expensive?

Despite what many people believe, the cost of cosmetic dentistry is not prohibitive. While the level of skill and technology required for some treatments may be advanced, a cosmetic dentist in Harley Street will do their best to provide high-quality services at the best price possible. Popular treatments such as teeth whitening are more affordable than more extensive treatments.

What are the benefits of cosmetic dentistry?

Cosmetic treatments not only improve the look of people’s smiles, they can also boost their self-confidence, leading them to smile more, make more connections and generally feel happier. Along with this, some treatments can also extend the life of the teeth. For instance, Invisalign aligners help teeth move into their correct position and by doing so make them easier to keep clean.

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Getting The Gums Right with Cosmetic Dentistry in Belfast

a woman at the dentistThe look of the smile depends on a number of different factors including the shade of the teeth and their positions. For some people, it’s all about having gums that are too large or too small. Both can ruin the appearance of a smile.

When someone has cosmetic dentistry in Belfast, at a practice like Blue Sky, they can address any number of issues with the way that they look. If they want to adjust their gum line there are two options: gum contouring or reshaping, or a gum graft. A patient can choose one of these options as a stand-alone treatment or incorporate it into a smile makeover when they have cosmetic dentistry in Belfast.

What is gum contouring?

There are a number of reasons why someone might have a ‘gummy’ smile. These include:

  • Genetics – this means that the teeth naturally appear to be shorter due to excessive gum tissue;
  • Health conditions – there are some health conditions that cause swollen gums and these can have a permanent effect;
  • Auxiliary factors – sometimes the appearance of a gummy smile can be related to the ways the lips or jaw move. They may cause someone to expose more of the gum line than is seen on average. In these cases, it can be easier to adjust the appearance of the smile than to try to affect the auxiliary areas in any way.

Gum contouring is typically performed after the application of a local anaesthetic. The dentist uses scalpel or lasers to remove areas of the gum and create a higher line.

What is gum graft?

With a gum graft, tissue is surgically added to the gum line to cover tooth that has been exposed due to receding gums or other damage. This has a cosmetic impact but it is also good for the health of the teeth as well. The root of a tooth is softer and more prone to decay than the rest of it. This area is usually covered by the gums except in cases of advanced gum disease or in the event of an accident. Re-covering it with a tissue using gum graft offers it some degree of protection.


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