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A Great Way Round the Wobble

a woman at the dentistWhen the time comes to choose how to replace a number of lost teeth, maybe because a couple have finally gone at the front of the mouth, there’s a lot to consider. When this happens, people are often older, maybe retired, and have to think carefully about how they spend their money. Cost is often an important factor in decisions regarding tooth replacements. Several thousand pounds on replacement teeth, even if it spread over several months of repayments, is lot of money for many pensioners to find. And so, much as they’d like to invest in dental implants in Birmingham, they often opt for dentures instead, believing that they are more cost-effective and modern dentures will be better fitting.

And they are at first, but after a while the jawbone shrinks in size by a fair amount; it’s inevitable without tooth roots to stimulate bone replacement. The dentures that once fitted so well start to slide forwards or backwards on the gums and can even come right out with a sneeze or a very loud laugh. There is a way round the wobble though, with the aid of dental implants in Birmingham using a technique known as denture stabilisation. This technique is available from various dental implant practices, including Sutton Implant Clinic.

What is denture stabilisation?

This technique combines the best of both worlds. People keep their dentures but get them customised so that they can fit onto mini dental implants in Birmingham. It takes between two and four mini dental implants to stabilise a denture, depending on whether it is in the upper or lower jaw. The patient can come in and get their implants done and their dentures customised at the same time and leave that same day with dentures that behave themselves at all times but are still taken out at night to rest the gums.

The other big plus about this is that having artificial tooth roots in the jawbone stimulates the bone cells to keep renewing themselves, thus keeping the jawbone strong and healthy looking, and allowing their owner to avoid the pointy-chinned look that come with long-term tooth loss. The face is held in place and the owner looks younger.

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