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4 Reasons to Harvest Rainwater in Your Home

Rain dropping on the roofWater is a significant resource in sustaining life here on earth. With the ongoing changes in climate, however, rainfall patterns have changed as well, making fresh water scarce. The rate of consumption, on the other hand, keeps increasing despite the decline, making it necessary to come up with different ways to tap the resource.

If you’re concerned about water shortage in your home, a rainwater harvesting system is ideal for you. It consists of gutters and pumps that collect and direct water to poly water tanks for storage. Below are the reasons you should install the system in your home.

1. It lowers your water bill costs

Water consumption in most households is high, which increases the bills when using water supply from local authorities. Installing a harvesting system will give you access to rainwater for free, saving you money on water bills.

2. It’s easy to install and maintain

The process of collecting rainwater is simple. Although the initial installation costs might be high, the long-term benefits will save you a significant amount in the long run. The system will also require minimal maintenance.

3. It reduces stormwater runoff

Heavy rains produce excessive water, which could lead to flooding or erosion. This could lead to bursting of sewerage systems and uprooting of plants. Water harvesting arrests water that would be part of the runoff, thus minimising the likelihood of disasters.

4. It caters for municipal water disruptions and restrictions

Occasionally, maintenance schedule and even scarcity normally lead to disruptions in supply. Water supply may also get disrupted during the winter months. When you have your own system, you have a back up to last you long enough and cater for periods when supply is cut off.

Installing a water harvesting system saves you money while conserving the environment. You also get to enjoy fresh water free from hardness. Ensure that the system is installed by a licensed plumber to get the best out of it.

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