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Retirement Planning: How to Retire Happy

Old couple enjoying their retirementRetirement should be a glorious time. You have all the time in the world to finally do what you want and spend all that money you’ve been saving without guilt because that’s why you saved it in the first place.

Ironically, surveys suggest that not all retirees retire happy or as happy as they expected to be. Why? Because some retirees forgot to plan what they’re going to do once they’re retired. That said, below are some ideas for enjoying your retirement.

Plan for Major Life Decisions Well in Advance

Consider things like when should you quit working? Will you be staying put or relocating? When should you claim your benefits? And most of all, what are you planning to do with all your time? While you don’t need to have the answers all figured out at once, you should ideally start mulling them once you turn 50 since you will be qualified to make catch-up contributions to your retirement fund at that time.

One of the top financial advisors in CT also suggests that you ensure your investment portfolio is transitioning to an allocation of assets that would leave you less susceptible to a market depression. He adds that you should also start monitoring your expenses and determining how you budget would change when you retire.

Think About your Lifestyle

Essentially, you need to stay as healthy as possible to enjoy your golden years. Getting ample sleep, eating right, and exercising regularly could all help, and while you can’t do anything about genetics and chance, getting regular checkups is a great start.

Maintain relationships with family and friends. Get out and socialize, make new friends, take up a new hobby or revisit an old one, take classes, become a volunteer and travel. Put simply, take care of yourself and have fun!

Develop a Routine

Whether it’s a weekly family dinner, brunch with friends, daily sunset yoga in the park, or bowling with former colleagues on Thursdays, a routine will lend some much-needed structure to your retirement life. You should also know that according to studies, some of the oldest individuals in the world live for routines, so maybe there’s something there.

The Takeaway

All in all, to enjoy your retirement, plan well ahead in advance for all the important stuff and make sure that you’ve got all your financial ducks in a row. Make sure that you have a plan for what you’re going to do and do it.

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