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December 7, 2017 at 7:46 pm

Email Marketing Strategies: What are Your Options?

A businessman using his emailWith over 144 billion emails being sent and received every day, email marketing ranks as one of the most elite means of business communication.

A standard inbox of an average consumer roils with competitive subject lines, attention-seeking emails, as well as dozens of email marketing services messages. So, how do you separate the signal from the noise? Vonazon and other marketing agencies share the following tips:

Personalization without the recipient’s name

According to a study by the Temple University’s Fox School of Business, personalized email greetings could be harmful to your marketing strategies. This is because of the recent rise in cyber-criminal activities such as identity theft and credit card fraud. As such, consumers are becoming overly cautious of emails with personalized greetings.

Here is the takeaway: gather little knowledge about your recipient and form a small time relationship with them before placing their names on the Internet. Find out the products they use, their history of purchase, and their favorite products before bombarding their inbox.

Short vs. long subject lines

A majority of people are obsessed with crafting a perfect subject line that they end up messing it. There are two major areas that you should always avoid. These include the 60-70 characters subject line and the extremely persuasive words.

Make sure that the subject line of your emails has less than 49 characters, as these will have a higher click through and open rate. Additionally, avoid words such as “must,” “last chance,” and “don’t be left behind.”

Give your readers something

Consumers love freebies. Studies say any email sent to consumers with a template, tools, or an eBook attached has a greater possibility of being opened and read. Depending on your line of business, you may also include photo albums, brain teasers, and expert interviews. This will not only make the consumers open your emails, but also respond to them.

Knowing the right strategies to email marketing only makes half of your marketing achievements. The other half lies in getting the right marketing agency that can help you apply the strategies effectively. Find an agent who is a team player and will listen to your needs and approach, and help you convert your efforts to sales.